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|Name = a
|Picture = Sex.png
|Maker = Liquid Generation
|Type = Flash game
|Release date = 2003
'''The Sex Test''' was a [[Liquid Generation]] sabotage [[screamer]]. The screamer was taken down along with the entire Liquid Generation website. This game pretends to be a regular sex test, which is the same among with possible results go, No matter clicked or not.
Even clicked the same effect will happen, a Barechested man pops up with a name of the bottom text "'' Mr. Sex Johnson''" by text appearing and voice shouts out "''SEX DOESN'T LIKE YOU!''" where he's saying "''I Don't like you''" a ninja will appear and saying "You have been sabotaged<nowiki>''</nowiki> and a link to Liquid Generation crushes him.
== Link ==
<u>NOTE</u>: The following game contains [[pornographic content]]!
* web.archive.org/web/20150630182301/liquidgeneration.com/The-Sex-Test
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