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#REDIRECT [[Template:Help me]]
{{namespace detect
| talk =
  | type  = style
  | image = [[File:Helpiconz.png|60px]]
  | class = helpme
  | id    = Help me
  | text  =
<b style="font-size: larger;">I am looking for help!</b> <br /> Ask your question below. You can also check [[Screamer_Wiki:Help]], or ask at the [https://forum.screamerfanbase.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=10 forum's Q&A section.].<br />Users who monitor the category [[:Category:Users looking for help|Users looking for help]] have been alerted and will assist you shortly. You can also [https://discord.gg/3ZeD9U6 join the discord server] to receive live Wiki-related help there. You'll be receiving help soon, so don't worry.<br /><small><span style="color: gray;">Note to helpers: Once you have offered help, please delete the template and put a Solved Tag</small>
  }}<includeonly>{{#ifeq: {{{clear}}} | yes |  | {{{category|[[Category:Users looking for help|{{PAGENAME}}]]}}} }}</includeonly>
| other = <!--
Show a rather more prominent notice when this template is used on the wrong kind of pages:
  | type  = content
  | id    = Help me
  | image = [[File:Helpiconz.pngg|60px|link=]]
  | text  =
'''It appears that this template ({{Tlx|Helpme}}) is being used somewhere other than a talk page.  Please remove this instance of the template.'''
This template is meant for use on talk pages  Your user talk page can be found [[Special:MyTalk|here]].  If you added this template, please remove this template and re-add it on [[Special:MyTalk|your user talk page]].  If you did not add this template, please remove it from this page.
  }}<includeonly>{{#ifeq: {{{clear}}} | yes | | {{{category|[[Category:Users with misplaced help messages|{{PAGENAME}}]]}}} }}</includeonly>
| demospace = {{{demospace| <noinclude>talk</noinclude> }}}  <!--For testing. And fall-back to "talk" when on this template page.-->
For backwards compatibility if the question is fed as a parameter, show the question below this message box:
-->{{#if: {{{helptext|}}} {{{1|}}}
| {{{helptext| {{Trim|{{{1|}}} }} }}} <br />  <!--Yes, the <br /> tag should come after, not a mistake-->
<!-- Add categories and interwikis to the /doc subpage, not here! -->

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Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [purge]

This is the {{Help Me}} message box.

If you need help, you can place this template on any talk page, preferably your own user talk page, and write your question below it. Then our helpers will be notified.

Here is an example of what you might put on your talk page—a brief heading, then the template, and then your question:

==How does X work?==
{{Help Me}}
Your question.

The four tildes "~~~~" will automatically add your signature, which is your username and a timestamp.

Assisting those who use this template

Looking to help users who are asking for assistance through this template? Please see Category:Users looking for help.

Technical details

This template is part of a notification system that involves a category. Please do not modify this template without first discussing your suggested changes on the talk page.