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The privacy policy is different between the Screamer Wiki and the Screamer Forum

By using this website, you note that the "Screamer Wiki," "Screamer Forums," and/or "Screamer Wiki Video" collects all IP addresses, email addresses tied to an account, and names tied to an account. None of this info will be given or sold to anyone unless

  1. If the user is making credible threats (ex. serious threats to another user, etc), all information will be passed onto law enforcement.
  2. If a corporation is spamming or using spambots, all information will be passed onto law enforcement.
  3. If a user is blocked however, its IP address may be banned alongside it.

If you do not have an account, your IP address will be publicly viewable by anybody if you edit or comment (which is normal on MediaWiki websites - Wikipedia, FANDOM, etc). You may request to have this data removed by creating an account and asking an admin to hide those edits. Your data removal may be denied if

  1. You are considered to a spam account (from a spam/vandal orginasation)
  2. For any reason your data must be kept by law.

List of other information collected

  1. All IP addresses are collected when using this website; they may or may not be linked to a user on the wiki.
  1. We also collect, for stats on who is using the website, the web browser used, a hashed IP address, and the operating system used.

This type of info may be released for statistics on the website (however nothing released will be identifiable to a user)

If you would like to request to view your data collected upon you, please contact an Administrator.