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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Consumption Junction, established in 1999, is a web-based depository for all things random and bizarre. The site includes pictures, videos, audio clips, and other forms of media. The content can vary from news clips of events like the September 11, 2001 attacks, to random videos of drunken silliness and violent stupidity to hardcore pornographic shorts. The name "Consumption Junction" and its slogan "What's your Dysfunction" is based on Schoolhouse Rock's song "Conjunction Junction", but parodied


Around 2000, there was a section of video clips that were composed entirely of death videos, one infamously called "The unknown soldier" where a foreign soldier is being held down and his throat is slashed open. In that same video, an elderly man is holding a note describing what his captures want then he is seen tied and blindfolded on the ground. A man is holding a machete and beheads the elderly man. The webmaster highly warned that these videos are incredibly gruesome and should not be watched by young children. Most of the "Hate Mail" was about these videos, along with angry parents writing about how their children are looking at these contents and verbally assaulting the webmaster for posting them. The webmaster argues back that it's not his fault that their children are watching these contents and that adult supervision is needed. Later on, most of the death videos were taken off but Consumption Junction continues to post occasional deaths of people.

On the main page, there is a disclaimer for new visitors who've never been to the site before. After entering Consumption Junction, there is an editorial by random members of Consumption Junction. Topics range from politics, current events, sexual encounters, and other explicit materials.

Visitors can also submit their opinions in the "Fuck it Bucket" where visitors can write a brief catchy phrase or motto.

There's a daily picture that is titled "CJ pimp of the day" which is a sarcastic remark about the individuals that are seen in the pictures. The images would range from comical to very bizarre. In one of these images would be a man wearing a pink sash with a pink tiara on his head. If the picture is very degrading and comical, it would be promoted to "Pimp of the week."

What also makes this website even more interesting is that people who write negatively about the contents of Consumption Junction often get a personal response from one of the webmasters posted on the site itself. The webmaster includes the personal email address of the original sender, inviting harassment of the complaining party by countless Consumption Junction users. Angry e-mails increased following the inclusion of clips of U.S. soldiers and/or hostages being wounded and killed on the site.

Howard Stern once mentioned the website during a radio broadcast.

Animal Controversy

Consumption Junction has a history of backlash from visitors due to animal cruelty. Due to the site's nature, visitors would assume that the webmasters are toying with the visitor's emotions by showing shocking animal death. Now videos that involve some form of "Animal Cruelty" are linked to with the message, "If this vid pissed you off, then do something about it! Click here to donate to PETA!!"

On March 8, 2006, Consumption Junction posted a video of a kitten being violently stomped on by an Asian woman. The webmaster has publicly announced that he witnessed many shocking images of various events but the killing of an innocent kitten being impaled by high heels just made him cry. There's been more videos of the same woman stepping on other animals such as a puppy and a white rabbit.

On May 3, 2006, one of the webmasters acknowledge an angry visitor who e-mailed him about animal cruelty by posting the visitor's e-mail and his response. The argument begins when the visitor, named Lisa, threatens to call the authority to take off the animal content which angers the webmaster because he feels that she's ignoring the fact that there's a donation link to and that his intentions are bad. The visitor writes that his intentions are to glorify and profit by showing animal cruelty. The webmaster finally ends the debate by responding to portions of the e-mail that made him the angriest. In the end, he feels that by showing the deaths of animals, he will create awareness and give the visitor the opportunity to donate to PETA.

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