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Hello, my name is Likecare. You may recognize me under the usernames "SkyBlueCat" or "IT". I have a deep passion for contributing my hard work into this wiki. As an admin, I help manage and maintain the wiki by overseeing edits, enforcing policies and guidelines, and working collaboratively with other contributors to resolve any issues that may arise. I am dedicated to promoting a positive and productive community on the wiki, where all users feel welcome and supported. If you ever have any questions or are interested in becoming involved with the wiki, please do not hesitate to contact me or any other admin. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, reading books, exercising and other stuff.

I always put forth my best effort to help the wiki grow and gain recognition in the interwebz. I wrote many articles, including Jeff the Killer, Deep Fancy Island, the overview of screamers and shock sites, Encyclopedia Dramatica, 4chan, Sad Satan, YouTube, and more! My articles look better to read in 2022 Vector skin.

Don't mistake me for someone else! :<