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Worst Picture Ever is a long, long picture, containing much fuck-upness that can be found on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Originally, Worst Picture Ever was a site of it's own at, but that site pretty much died immediately, so some guy named "Cornholejim" (possibly the sites original creator) Made an article for it and uploaded it to Encyclopedia Dramatica

What the fuck is in this Picture

Since we here at Screamer Wiki can't upload the official image for some odd reason, here's a run down of all the crazy shit you'll see in this image...

  • Kirk Johnson Fucking himself in the ass with a giant butt-plug.
  • Jeffery Star.
  • Joseph Stalin.
  • Guro Hentai.
  • Bee's on a small dick.
  • A 3d model of a woman giving birth to wolf babies.
  • A Japanese girl Puking.
  • Shitting Dick Nipples

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NOTE: The following exactly what the fuck I said it contains




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