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The Urban Legends is a popular internet-distributed series that shows mini-documentaries containing evidence of the paranormal. Most, but not all, of the films pause for 5 seconds before an image of a ghost appears unexpectedly, accompanied by a very loud scream. The scariest episode in the series is Urban Legends 3: Ghosts, but the Urban Legends series is more like documentaries than screamers. It's the scariest because of the ghost photography: the image of the girl in the hallway and the "Karma Ghost," the name given to the woman's ghost who appears in the cluttered room.

Main Series

Urban Legends: Fact or Fiction?

Fact or Fiction? was the first episode to the Urban Legend series.


The first section begins with a text stating that the 1970s Ohio Player's recording of the song, Love Rollercoaster, included a scream of a murdered woman, and then plays an excerpt forward with a text below stating:  "Pay close attention. Do you hear anything "out of place?"", the excerpt is played again, the animation takes a brief pause, with texts stating that skeptics admitted that "...in truth, the scream in question does seem a bit out of place: it's a feminine voice adist a group of male singers, it's buried low in the mix, and it does sound like the cry of a woman in terror..." the scream was revealed to be a woman from the cover of the album: "Honey" by the Ohio Players, depicting a nude model kneeling atop what appears to be a sheet of glass, dripping honey all over herself from a ladle.

The woman depicted is unknown, it is stated that she "reportedly had broken contact with her family when she decided to persue a modeling career far away from home.", During the Album Cover Shoot, the "'" was actually Fiberglas, which she reacted very chemically with the honey, bonding her skin like superglue, causing her to rip the skin off her legs, her career was shattered, she angrily bursts into the recording studio to threatening to sue the band "for everything they're worth", she was then stabbed by the band's manager, Ohio Players leave the scream in the soundtrack as a sick tribute.

Movie Ghosts

This part focuses on a Ghost of a murdered boy that appeared in the film: Three Men and a Baby, the interior shots in the movie were filmed in an actual residential home, Three weeks of "shooting" the film, the homeowner's 9-year-old son was murdered in the house, and was caught on film, then proceeds to show the screenshots of the film, zooming in closer.

Sex Sells

a little myth about Advertisers experimenting "subliminal messages" for at least 50 years, that is still continuing today.

Magazine Advertisement

Firstly, A MS. DINGO cover scrolls from right to left, it does for the viewer to notice something odd on the picture, then it zooms in, revealing the girl has 1 leg behind her skirt, the technique for this is called, ODDITIES, the technique defines graphic artist intentionally adding extra limbs, and legs, and many more to people.

Technique #2: "Embeds", "Graphic artists use air brushes or computers to embed words into ads to stir emotion or primal instincts on a subconscious level, thus promting brand loyalty", then it shows advertisements, such as2 Pepsi being stacked and rotated to reveal the word: "SEX".

SEX in Disney Cartoons

This part goes on a screenshots of films, where an inappropriate messages/image are hidden in the scene, then highlights to point out the messages.

Urban Legends 2: The Dead


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