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Topo.mp4 VIDEO ORIGINAL (Screamer de un DVD Pirata del Topo Gigio) is a screamer video which shows an edited version of a music video from the same artist Topo Gigio. This video shows a recording that supposedly came inside a pirated DVD that the user claims to have purchased some time ago.

The peculiarity of this recording is the moment when Gigio looks directly at the screen after a black screen for a few seconds. This is shown at minute 11:05 of the video. The static effect is maintained for a long time at minute 11:54 while a piano melody is played and then a music box melody is played at minute 12:04. The music continues until it stops playing at minute 12:57. The static effect continued until it reached the screamer with a loud scream and flashing lights 21 seconds later. After the screamer, a static effect was played for 4 seconds and then ends the video with a black screen.

The creator of the video claims not to have edited the DVD to insert the screamer video and says that it was already inside the DVD.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer with flashing lights!

  • Full video:
  • [SPANISH] Matito tells the story of the DVD:



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