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Creating The Maze/Tagalog

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  • 06:40, 22 February 2021 SkyBlueCat talk contribs deleted page The Maze/Tagalog (content was: "{{Infobox |name = The Maze |Picture = The_Maze.jpg |Quote = Ang pangatlong antas sa The Maze |Maker = Jeremy Winterrowd |Type = Flash game |Release date = Oktobre 2004 }} '''The Maze''', na mas kilala bilang Scary Maze Game, ay isang Flash game na nilikha noong Oktubre 2004. Ginawa ito ng developer ng laro na si Jeremy Winterrowd. Ang Flash prank na ito ay nagkukubli bilang isang simpleng laro ng maze kung saan kailangang gamitin ng manlalaro ang kanilang mouse cursor upang i...")

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