The Darkness Valley

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The Darkness Valley is a screamer uploaded to YouTube in October 11th, 2008 by darknessvalley.

The video begins with a message that you should not watch this video, it then proceeds to show a piece of paper with the words "Paranormal Investigators present" and "The Ghost of Darkness Valley" written (the video has some kind of 90's "graphics"). After that, it depicts several people being interviewed by a ghost hunter. They went to the "home" after doing a "lot" of stuff.

The house is then seen from various angles. Including the interiors and offices, and it goes dark after 5 minutes into the video. A ghost can also be seen in one of the screens. It then continues to display random rooms (as the team looks for ghosts), and at almost 6 minutes, you can see a red corpse face, some documents, and some sketches.

It then shows a ghost (it is in fact a person in bed sheets). The kitchen is then shown, After showing various views of the building, there is a writing on the wall that states:, "Will U Play with me?" before eventually showing an opened door and a "ghost" approaching the viewer. Then an image of a ghost woman facing upward, appears and "screams".


NOTE: the following video contains a screamer!




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