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== Links ==
== Links ==
<u>NOTE</u>: The following video contains [[screamer]]!
<u>NOTE</u>: The following video contains [[screamers]]!
* '''Log Bog's version''': youtube.com/watch?v=xdrkW9RodOc
* '''Log Bog's version''': youtube.com/watch?v=xdrkW9RodOc
* '''VenerableDread's version''': youtube.com/watch?v=-S1KVIfSrrM
* '''VenerableDread's version''': youtube.com/watch?v=-S1KVIfSrrM

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That's one sexy looking scoop of Ice Cream...

Subliminal Screamer is a screamer video, uploaded on July 2006 by Log Bog, and November 2006 by VenerableDread.

Log Bog's version starts with an ice cream commercial from Thailand, where pink ice cream can be seen being put on a cone (the scoop mark resembles a woman's figure, hence the "sexy" ice cream message). When another scoop of ice cream is about to be served, a white ferret appears with a piercing scream. After, text reading "Oops, hehe." appears

VenerableDread's version (under the name Sexy Ice Cream Message!) has the ferret replaced with a space marine from Warhammer 40K screaming "IIIIIII'LL TEAR YOU APAAAAAAAAAART!!!!". The text displayed at the end says "Hahaha, haha, hahahahaha! FOR THE CHANGER OF WAYS! Made by VenerableDread. Original commercial hosted on eBaum's World."


NOTE: The following video contains screamers!

  • Log Bog's version: youtube.com/watch?v=xdrkW9RodOc
  • VenerableDread's version: youtube.com/watch?v=-S1KVIfSrrM


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