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Some old Club Penguin gameplay I found on YT. is a screamer video uploaded by RainLauncher85 on March 9th 2021. The footage used was made by Corcorino (The person the made the video of The Da Vinci Code - The Real Truth).

The video starts off with the footage, which is taken from Corcornio’s video “Club Penguin... a new tour!”. He starts off by saying hi, and then takes a tour around Club Penguin. This goes on until a while after he says “There you can go sled racing”, where a melted zombie from oddheader’s video 10 Craziest Hidden Images in Games Never Meant To Be Found pops up with the same scream from Liquid Generation. It then parodies the Liquid Generation sabotages by ending with “RainLauncher85 Sabotage!!! Click here for more sabotage!”. The end screen was supposed to be the playlist but is one of his videos instead.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!


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