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Screamer Wiki Peer Tube is a video platform for screamers Hosted by Lawiki1534 using PeerTube. its a website where you can upload your own screamers, Showcase Screamers and others that is related. the administrator will embed your video and uploaded it on article like Scary Yahoo Prank or Steady Hand, if your video is a screamer then put a WARNING: on the description to tell that this is a screamer. if not, the administrator will private your videos and cant be seen by certain viewers and also if the blur was not enough (like you see hundred of pixels), the administrator will delete or private your videos. not following this Rule will not get your Account Banned unless if you're violating all the Rules multiple times. and also you need to create an account to upload your videos :)


if you dont follow any of these rules, you're a f**king crackhead

  1. Dont Bully or Harass Someone unless they're horrible person
  2. Dont Upload Dark Humor Videos, This wiki despises Dark Humorr
  3. Dont use inappopriate names like (PenisSlayer)
  4. Reddit Memes (very funny i laugh haha :|) the wiki does not support reddit memes.