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The Screamer Wiki, formerly known as the ScreamerChecker Wiki.

The Screamer Wiki, formerly known as the ScreamerChecker Wiki, was founded on November 11th, 2013 by AnimatorXP, with the simple goal to index all screamers ever made. Screamer Wiki started out on Wikia, now known as FANDOM, and we are now operating on our own website. The wiki has since then grown to 1,607 articles, 94,721 total edits, and over 50,000 weekly visits.

The Screamer Wiki had the original purpose to let users check if a website was a screamer or not by searching the name of the website on the wiki, hence the former name ScreamerChecker. Since then, the wiki slowly started to open up and expand to more types of screamers. The wiki now has pages about shock sites, games, videos, and many more.


Here is a timeline of all the milestones and major events the Screamer Wiki went through.

The original ScreamerChecker Wiki logo.


  • November 11th, 2013: The ScreamerChecker Wiki is founded by AnimatorXP (HLDK on FANDOM). After creating only four pages, he goes on hiatus.


  • January 21st, 2015: FANDOM user Kianlolcat99 joins the wiki and creates a new page,, making the wiki grow a little more.
  • July 16th, 2015: HLDK comes back to the wiki and works with Kianlolcat99 to make the wiki grow even bigger. More people started to come in every day.
  • July 31st, 2015: Sumpy, owner of the Scary Pop-Up Wiki, joins the ScreamerChecker Wiki. The two wikis were merged.
  • August 1st, 2015: ScreamerChecker Wiki gets its first and biggest redesign.
  • August 4th, 2015: ScreamerChecker Wiki drops the word Checker and rebrands itself to Screamer Wiki.
  • August 24th, 2015: Screamer Wiki passes the 100 page milestone.
  • September 8th, 2015: Screamer Wiki becomes available in new languages: French, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • September 11, 2015: A second big redesign was made to accommodate the name change of the wiki. The colours, the logo and the cursors were changed.
  • December 2015: Screamer Wiki becomes the biggest home of screamers ever created, with an impressive record of over 250 pages.


  • May 31st, 2016: Screamer Wiki passes the 300 page milestone.
  • October 2016: Screamer Wiki passes the 400 page milestone.


  • January 2017: After three years and a half, Screamer Wiki passes the major milestone of 500 pages!
  • June 2017: Screamer Wiki passes the 600 page milestone.
Screamer Wiki's 5th anniversary logo.


  • January 2018: Screamer Wiki passes the 700 page milestone.
  • October 2018: Screamer Wiki passes the 800 page milestone.
  • November 11th, 2018: The Screamer Wiki, formerly known as ScreamerChecker Wiki, celebrates its fifth anniversary!


  • January 2019: Screamer Wiki becomes available in Indonesian.
  • February 2019: Screamer Wiki becomes available in Norwegian.
  • April 2019: Screamer Wiki passes 1,000 pages!
  • August 2019: FANDOM evicts the Screamer Wiki, which forked to and is now independently hosted via shared hosting.
  • October 2019: The original Screamer Wiki, which was hosted on FANDOM, officially closes after almost 6 years of operation.

Logo Evolution

Here is a timeline of all the different logos used throughout the history of the Screamer Wiki.

First logo

First logo • November 2013 to August 1st, 2015

The initial logo for the Screamer Wiki was used from the beginning all the way to August 2015, although it did not appear everywhere on the wiki.

Second logo

Second logo • August 1st, 2015 to August 4th, 2015

The second logo was introduced during the first big redesign of the Screamer Wiki. It was the first logo to be widely used across the wiki, and it introduced a revamped design, dropping the solid background.

Third logo

Third Logo • August 4th, 2015 to June 13, 2019

The third logo was introduced in August of 2015 when the ScreamerChecker Wiki was rebranded to Screamer Wiki. This logo dropped the Checker while bringing in a cleaner design and a new color scheme. Multiple variations of this logo are used throughout the wiki.

Fourth Logo

Fourth Logo • September 3rd, 2018 to October, 2019

The fourth logo was introduced as a concept on September 3rd, 2018 to fit the new iOS emojis. Although the logo was introduced in September, this logo was not used until May 2019 on the Screamer Wiki YouTube page. Currently, both this and the third variation are used throughout the wiki.

Current Logo

Current Logo • October 19th, 2019 to present

The current logo, unveiled in October 2019, went through a revamp to honor the opening of the new wiki.

Top Contributors

Members which played an important role on the Screamer Wiki will get their name on this page to list their accomplishments.

NOTE: These stats came from the old FANDOM site, and are no longer accurate as the new Screamer Wiki doesn't yet have a ranking system. The stats will remain accessible here just for memories.

AnimatorXP / HLDK

HLDK is the founder of the original Screamer Wiki. Making his first edit on November 11th, 2013, HLDK is mostly known by his YouTube channel, AnimatorXP, which currently has over 15,000 subscribers. He is also Danish.


Joining FANDOM on July 28th, 2015, Sumpy has made over 7,000 contributions. Before joining this wiki, he was the owner of the Scary Pop-Up Wiki. He then found the ScreamerChecker Wiki, as it was called at the time, and proposed to merge the two wikis. This made the Screamer Wiki completely different in a very positive way.


Joining the wiki on January 20th, 2019, Benderban01 has made over 8,500 edits. He has also created over 195 pages. He also has a YouTube channel, where he's part of a Logo editing, he moved into MediaWiki version.


Joining the wiki on January 21st, 2015, Kianlolcat99 made the wiki community grow bigger, helped enforce the rules when HLDK was gone, and has made almost 500 contributions.


Joining for the first time on August 31st, 2015, Zeroxeon has made over 1,000 total contributions. He lives in Germany, and has also created multiple screamers.


Joining the wiki on July 12th, 2015, Abinadabi made over 600 contributions. He is most known for knowing multiple languages and liking anime. Abinadabi was ranked 10th place on the leaderboard, and lives in Brazil.


Joining the wiki on August 29th, 2015, SCL made over 400 contributions. He is known for being a logo enthusiast, and he lives in Quebec, Canada.


Joining the wiki on August 2nd, 2015, NodogonToontown has made over 300 contributions and is ranked 11th place on the leaderboard.


Joining FANDOM as Lawiki1534virus on August 28th, 2015, Lawiki1534 has made over 6,000 contributions on both wikis combined. He is an active contributor on the Screamer Wiki and lives in Los Angeles.


Joining the wiki on November 4th, 2015, MoekaChiina has made almost 2,500 contributions. MoekaChiina lives in Brazil.


Joining the wiki on March 21st, 2017, RogueHarrier has made over 600 contributions. RogueHarrier is ranked 5th place on the leaderboard.


Joining the wiki on June 14th, 2017, TheMan5 has made over 750 contributions. He is ranked 6th on the leaderboards.