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[[File:scrlogo.png|thumb|250px|The current Screamer Wiki logo]]
The '''Screamer Wiki''' formely known as ''ScreamerChecker Wiki'', was founded on November 11th, 2013 by [https://youtube.com/user/AnimatorXP AnimatorXP], with the simple goal is to index all of the [[screamers]] ever made that doesn't even exist on the Wiki yet, Screamer Wiki started out on the Free Wiki Hosting site called "Wikia" or now known as '''FANDOM''' is where our Wiki start growing popularity since on 2015 - October 2019, the FANDOM told us to move out, so we are now operating on our own website by using a new wiki hosting service called '''MediaWiki''' and the Wiki started growing popularity again just like the older wiki we remembered. The wiki has since grown to  '''{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}''' articles, '''{{NUMBEROFEDITS}}''' total edits, and over '''50,000''' weekly visits.
The '''Screamer Wiki''' had the original purpose to let anyone check if a website was a screamer by searching its name on the wiki, hence the former name ''ScreamerChecker''. Since then, the wiki slowly started to open up and expand to more types of screamers: the wiki now has articles about games, videos, shock sites, and many more.
== '''History''' ==
Here is a timeline of all the milestones and major events in Screamer Wiki's history.
[[File:ScreamerChecker.png|thumb|The original ScreamerChecker Wiki logo|250px]]
* '''November 11th, 2013''': The Screamer Wiki, then named ''ScreamerChecker Wiki'', is founded by [[User:HLDK|HLDK]] (known as [https://youtube.com/AnimatorXP AnimatorXP] on YouTube). After creating only four pages, he goes on hiatus.
=== '''2015''' ===
* '''July 16th, 2015''': HLDK, the founder, comes back to the wiki after a year and a half of hiatus.
* '''July 28st, 2015''': '''[[User:Sumpy|Sumpy]]''', owner of the former ''Scary Pop-Up Wiki'', joins the ScreamerChecker Wiki. The two wikis later merged to form an even bigger community.
* '''August 4th, 2015''': ScreamerChecker Wiki drops the ''Checker'' and gets renamed to simply ''Screamer Wiki''.
* '''August 24th, 2015''': Screamer Wiki passes the milestone of 100 pages.
* '''September 8th, 2015''': Screamer Wiki becomes available in new languages: ''French'', ''Spanish'' and ''Portuguese.''
* '''December 2015''': Screamer Wiki becomes the biggest online library of screamers with an impressive record of over 250 pages.
=== '''2016''' ===
* '''May 31st, 2016''': Screamer Wiki passes the milestone of 300 pages.
* '''October 2016''': Screamer Wiki passes the milestone of 400 pages.
=== '''2017''' ===
* '''January 2017''': After three years and a half, Screamer Wiki passes the major milestone of 500 pages!
* '''June 2017''': Screamer Wiki passes the 600 page milestone.
[[File:5th Birthday.png|thumb|Screamer Wiki's 5th anniversary logo.|250px]]
=== '''2018''' ===
* '''January 2018''': Screamer Wiki passes the milestone of 700 pages.
* '''October 2018''': Screamer Wiki passes the milestone of 800 pages.
* '''November 11th, 2018''': The Screamer Wiki, formerly known as ''ScreamerChecker Wiki'', celebrates its fifth anniversary!
=== '''2019''' ===
* '''January 2019''': Screamer Wiki becomes available in Indonesian.
* '''February 2019''': Screamer Wiki becomes available in Norwegian.
* '''April 2019''': Five years after its opening, Screamer Wiki passes the major milestone of 1,000 pages!
* '''August 2019''': FANDOM evicts the Screamer Wiki, which forked to ScreamerFanbase.com and is now independently hosted via [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shared_web_hosting_service shared hosting].
* '''October 2019''': The original Screamer Wiki, which was hosted on FANDOM, officially closes after almost 6 years of operation.
=== '''2020''' ===
* '''June 2020''': Screamer Wiki makes the move from ScreamerFanbase.com to its new domain, screamer.wiki.
* '''September 2020''': Screamer Wiki updates its hosting platform; with that update comes in-house video hosting and updated forums. The Screamer Wiki subreddit is also created this month.
* '''September 2020''': Shock site passes the milestone of 200 pages
* '''September 2020''': [[Screamer Wiki:Screamer Peer Tube|Screamer Wiki Videos]] released on September 2020, people can upload their own [[screamers]] on the platform
* '''October 2020''': Screamer Wiki hits 5 million views.
== '''Logo Evolution''' ==
Here is a timeline of all the different logos used throughout the history of the Screamer Wiki.
[[File:ScreamerChecker.png|thumb|250px|First Logo]]
=== First logo - November 11th, 2013 to August 1st, 2015 ===
The initial logo for the Screamer Wiki was used from the beginning all the way to August 2015, although it did not appear everywhere on the wiki.
[[File:ScreamerChecker Logo.png|thumb|250px|Second Logo]]
=== Second logo - August 1st to 4th, 2015 ===
The second logo was introduced as part of the first redesign of the Screamer Wiki. It was the first logo to be widely used across the wiki, and it introduced a revamped design, dropping the solid background.
[[File:Screamer Wiki Logo.png|thumb|250px|Third Logo]]
=== Third logo - August 4th, 2015 to June 13th, 2019 ===
The third logo was introduced in August of 2015 when the ''ScreamerChecker Wiki'' was rebranded to ''Screamer Wiki''. This logo dropped the ''Checker'' while bringing in a cleaner design and a new color scheme. Multiple variations of this logo are used throughout the wiki.
[[File:Screamer_Wiki_AltLogo.png|250px|thumb|Fourth Logo]]
=== Fourth logo - September 3rd, 2018 to October, 2019 ===
The fourth logo was introduced as a concept on September 3rd, 2018 to fit the new iOS emojis. Although the logo was introduced in September, this logo was not used until May 2019 on the Screamer Wiki [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHaaKMwC8vingZQtOZDU_LA YouTube channel].
[[File:scrlogowiki.png|250px|thumb|Current Logo]]
=== Current logo - October 19th, 2019 to present ===
The current logo, unveiled in October 2019, went through a revamp to honor the opening of the new wiki.
To see special logos that Screamer Wiki has used over the years, [[Screamer_Wiki:Special_Logos|click here]].

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