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Our famous front page banner, designed by TabbyGarf.


Welcome to Screamer Wiki. This is the number one place to learn about topics relating to screamers, shock sites, creepypastas and urban legends, hoaxes, malware and malicious scripts, lost media, controversies, true crime, mysteries, social media incidents, and anything in between. Here, you will have access to the Screamer Library, the largest index entirely dedicated to screamers and shock sites. You can find the origin and story behind every screamer ever made, like the famous Scary Maze Game, the K-fee commercials, and a whole lot more. Our library contains 1,636 pages and counting!

Featured Article

GI wwf-dolphin-product-image Cropped.png

Good Intentions is a flash screamer created by Spudnewt (Marilo Rektorik). The flash was first posted to Albino Blacksheep on March 31st, 2003, the same date the "Prank portal" was added to Albino Blacksheep.

The flash animation pretends to be just a slide show of very pretty, peaceful photos, while Shiny Happy People by R.E.M plays in the background. The slideshow begins with some pictures of flower beds and tree blossoms, as well as a dolphin during the intro, and then switches to various photos of people in a happy mood. Afterwards, a photo of Abdulah al-Basri's face zooms in very slowly and then suddenly switches to a picture of the same man doing a grimace with his eyes popped out, while a pair of Fatal Frame images (one from Kikia and one slightly different from the former) pops up over it with a loud scream.

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