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Scary Maze Game 3D is a game based on the infamous The Maze game but in 3D, developed by patrick4996 using Unity, originally created on June 22nd 2014, and was released on March 22, 2018.

The participant controls a red dot in the Third perspective and involves basic controls such as ASWD keys. The goal in the game is to complete all 3 levels, without touching or hitting any walls, once the player touches them, will lead back to the spawn point of the current level, if you reach the red color, will lead you to the next level, each of them increases in difficulty across the levels which involves the walls getting thinner and skinny, but the game is very simple, only the camera sensitivity is too high, making it even harder to move its perspective, Despite difficulties, nearly at Level 3, will display an edited picture of a kid with no eyes and wide mouth which came from the movie called Home Alone.

As the title suggests, the player controls a red dot as in third person viewpoint.

Showcase Video

CENSORED: Scary Maze Game 3D


  • The game was originally made on June 22nd, 2014, the creator didn't even release the date the game, so he finally published his own game on GameJolt on 2017



NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • Uncensored Version:

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