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Scary Maze Game 3D is a 3-Dimensional game developed on a cross-platform game engine called Unity, it was made by patrick4996 uploaded on a game-sharing platform called Gamejolt in March 22, 2018,

This game is a 3d-adaption version of the most infamous classic screamer called The Maze.

When launched, the main menu is displayed shows a blue background, a game title, and a play button, click the start button to start the gameplay, you started out as playing a blue dot in Third-person, you can move around by pressing ASWD keys and a mouse which controls the Third-person camera. the player's objective is to complete all 3 levels without touching or hitting any walls between them, the player will respawn. During the game. there is a NOTE on the wall which tells the player not to touch or hit any walls. if you reach very close to the end of Level 3, a close-up picture of a man with black eyes and a mouth appears with a loud scream.

Showcase Video

CENSORED: Scary Maze Game 3D


  • The game was originally made on June 22nd, 2014, the creator didn't even release the date the game, so he finally published his own game on GameJolt on 2017


A 3D adaptation of the infamous classic screamer game. This is the first "game" I ever made, back in June 2014. I never bothered to post it anywhere because it's... well... just see it for yourself. (WASD • Move, Mouse • Look Around, Escape • Exit)



NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • Uncensored Version:

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