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Scary Maze Game 3D is a 3-Dimensional game developed on a cross-platform game engine called Unity, it was made by patrick4996 uploaded on a game-sharing platform called Gamejolt in March 22, 2018,

This game is a 3d-adaption version of the most infamous classic screamer called The Maze,

when launched, the main menu is displayed a blue background, a game title, and a play button, clicking the button will start the main gameplay where the player will play as a Blue dot as a Third Person running through a blue path by controlling A-S-W-D Keys to move around and a mouse which remotely controls the camera movement rather than utilizing your cursor in order to move the blue dot by yourself. in the game, the player objective is to complete all 3 levels without touching or hitting any walls between them, once you die, the player will spawn at the beginning of the level that you've completed, at the First Level there is a NOTE written on the wall which tells the player not to touch or hit any walls to reach the Red color in order to complete the objective on the game, once you get to the end, a close-up picture of a man with no eyes, and wide mouth which came from the Movie Template:Wikipedia appears with a loud scream then letting it out for seconds, since this game was published, the creator added a description(scroll at the bottom)

CENSORED: Showcase Video

CENSORED: Scary Maze Game 3D


  • The game was originally made on June 22nd, 2014, the creator didn't even release the date the game, so he finally published his own game on GameJolt on 2017


A 3D adaptation of the infamous classic screamer game. This is the first "game" I ever made, back in June 2014. I never bothered to post it anywhere because it's... well... just see it for yourself. (WASD • Move, Mouse • Look Around, Escape • Exit)



NOTE: The following game contains a screamer!

  • Uncensored Version:


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