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|Name = Scary Maze Game 3D
<table border=2>
|Picture = S3D.png
<tr><td bgcolor=red><font size="+1" color=gold><center>'''Embrace'''</center>
|Maker = patrick4996
<tr><td bgcolor=red><center><font size="+2" color=gold>*** '''MAO ZEDONG THOUGHT''' ***</font>
|Type = Application
<tr><td bgcolor=red><center><font size="+1" color=gold>'''and shoot all landlords!'''
|Release date = March 22nd, 2018
'''Scary Maze Game 3D''' is a [[screamer]] game created by patrick4996 on June 22nd, 2014, and was released on March 22, 2018.
As the title suggests, the game is simply just a 3D version of the infamous [[The Maze]], the player takes part of a red dot as in third-person perspective, the controls only includes ASWD keys to move, at the first level, there is a note informing them to not touch the walls, but if they do, it leads back to the spawn point of the current level.
However, the game consists of 3 levels, if the player almost reaches to the end of the third level, will result in an edited picture of a kid with no eyes and a wide mouth, the picture is from the movie: "''Home Alone''".
==='''Showcase Video'''===
<span id="3DScaryMaze">CENSORED: Scary Maze Game 3D</span>
<u>NOTE</u>: The following game contains a [[screamer]]!
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and shoot all landlords!