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Scary Game is a screamer application similar to Red Dot Game, created by an unknown creator in May 12, 2007.

The objection of the game is simple, it shows pictures of animals and the player must click on them to progress further.

The first picture shows a picture of a Fish, the player has to click on its tooth as shown in the picture, then clicking on a eye of a Bear, then progressing and clicking on a tail of a monkey, then on a tooth of a monkey, until the player finally reaches the tooth of a Snake, and when the player clicks on it, a picture of Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist emerges from the bottom along with an evil laugh sound effect, a blue text "" appears on the screen. According to VirusTotal, the file appears to be safe and does not contain any malicious software.[1]




NOTE: The following application contains a screamer!




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