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Push the button is an HTML5 screamer made by Unknown date. The screamer has the player click a green button.

Once the player clicks the button to start the game, the game introduces the square and asks the player to not click it. If the player continues to click the square, the game then threatens then eventually shows a cat. A few more clicks later, the square attempts to hide itself by putting itself in a question mark. After even more clicks, the square disappears and instead the text "If you need help, click here" shows up; clicking this text leads to an image with the text "look closer." If the player clicks the look closer image, saw pops up with the Winterrowd scream. The screamer does not work properly on modern browsers since videos no longer autoplay.


NOTE: The following link contains a screamer!

  • host.screamer.wiki/PushTheButton/PushTheButton.htm



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