Prolapse Man

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This article contains content that some may find shocking.‎
Reader discretion is advised.

Prolapse Man is a shock site hosted by LOLShock since 2008. The 18-minute long video stars a Bulgarian weightlifter who, after an incident during a weightlifting competition, suffers from a rectal prolapse. The prolapse featured in the video appears to have also been caused by extreme anal stretching which could result in rectal damage or even surgery. The shockchan version features a picture of a man with anal prolapse falling down or slipping out of place of an organ or part, such as the rectum. The image can also be found on and Offended.

The video starts off in the weightlifter's bathroom where he points his anus at the camera. Afterwards, he proceeds to let his rectum slip out of his body while doing numerous activities such as fingering and shoving objects up his prolapse. In the last few moments of the video, the weightlifter utilizes a penis pump to suck his prolapse back out, causing it to become a darker shade of red which is when the video ends, A quick search of the site on the Wayback Machine indicates that it used to be featured on xHamster, though only through the Wayback Machine can this be seen.

There is another version of this video called Prolapse Girl, where it shows the girl, falling down or slipping out of the place of an organ or part, such as the rectum. this video showed up an anal prolapse results in extremely anal stretching, the video can merely be found on Shockchan.


NOTE: The following shock sites contains extremely graphic content!

  • Original version:
  • Girl Version:



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