Plafo the Platformer

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Plafo the Platformer.exe is a screamer game for windows made with GameMaker Lite 8.1.In this game,you control the main (And only) character named Plafo,and supposedly,the goal of the game is to avoid the obstacles and reach the black lines at the end of the screen.The Game's background is a paper of a notebook.In the fifth level,you can't pass through the Red squares with "OOF" written on them,unless you pull the yellow lever.When reaching the final level,instead of black lines at the end of the screen,there is a Black Door surrounded with the OOF blocks.When pulling the yellow lever which destroys the OOF blocks,and Plafo touches the Black Door,a gray face with black eyes and mouth appears,but without a scream.


NOTE: The following is a download link to a screamer application.