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Offensive from youtube was a bait and switch YouTube channel created by anti-mousetrap on October 21, 2022. The uploader would use the videos that were already available to cut them to either gore or pornography at random. The channel was later removed after it had violated the platform's Terms of Service.

Videos featured

  • I feel so extraordinary: A video of a man falling, causing a TV to fall.
  • caught in 4k: The screenshot of 1 Guy 1 Brush zooming in with text saying "CAUGHT IN 4K", below it saying "THE MAN APPEARS".
  • testing dis to see if youtube deletes this.: A video of a person masturbating an enlarged penis, with the text "CUMMING SOON", below it reads "BMEVIDEO.COM", accompanied by the same audio from Last Measure.
  • Train-fucked 🤑🤑🤑: Shows a video of someone playing Roblox, afterwards, a video of someone getting run over a train pops up.
  • whattheactualfuckheisdoingtomiku: A video of a chick being blended by someone wearing a face mask.
  • skibidifuckers.mpg: Shows a Skibidi Toilet mod in a game called Melon Playground (A parody of People Playground), just as a cameraman plunges into one of the skibidi toilets, the video cuts to the 2 Guys 1 Stump video, with a effect.
  • Moon animator - My first r63 animation.: Shows a terrorist committing animal cruelty. As the camera zooms in on the chick's face, the terrorists are ready to put the chick in the blender and start it.
  • speedrun: Shows a fake speedrun video that uses old Super Mario games. As the loading screen is done, a man from 1 Guy 1 Cock pops out with an effect. Afterwards, a sped-up version of Badabun's fake speedrun video appears.


PixelshitShake is a YouTube account created by the same creator, whose original troll account gets deleted for violating the platform's Terms of Service.


sorri if the text is short.

Videos featured

  • ...: Daisy's Destruction intro with a femur-breaker scream from SCP But extremely loud and distorted
  • that's it i'm quitting roblox:
  • cute ship 15 (RIP me):
  • cute foxes:
  • TV Woman drinks Grimace Shake:
  • a rand0m crap: A YTPMV. Nothing disturbing.

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