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Offended is a shock web page located on the website Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a parody of Wikipedia, containing much more offensive/vulgar content. For especially offensive content, there is a box includes a gif of (((Wikipedia))), the star of david, the blood drop cross, and the swastika. saying "If you have been offended by (said article)? Click here and scroll slowly to the bottom of the page." which links to this page, the purpose being to offend/gross that person out as much as possible.

There's an alternative box saying "If you believe (said article) violates Federal Law then please click here to report it immediately. The FBI have offices around the world and can be contacted around the clock, every day of the year." in 2018, there's a new web page called Reporting Un-Islamic Content, which shows montage of some pro or neutral Islamic-Related photos.


The article starts with a montage of five images of the Limecat meme, a baby rabbit, a baby duck, a chick, a baby seal lion, a dog, and finally, a deer and a rabbit. After the last image, it starts showing a very long montage of gruesome images involving pornography, dead people, gore, mutilation, diseases, unborn babies, cannibalism, trypophobia and so on, the site also includes various disgusting fanmade images of various popular franchises such as Pokémon, such as one with a rammed Pikachu on it.

Images Featured

  • The Pain Series.
  • A GIF of the Jarsquatter video.
  • A GIF of a nude anime girl cutting her stomach, only for her to be beheaded by another lady with a sword.
  • An image of an old lynched black woman in the 1800s.
  • An image of various bees stinging a guy's penis.
  • An image of a exploding man's face.
  • An image of a cat with no face.
  • An photoshopped image of an eye with lamprey disease.
  • The Goatse image.
  • The Tubgirl image.
  • The Blue Waffle image.
  • The Lemon Party image.
  • The Screamer Cactus image.
  • The Mac User image.
  • The Prolapse Man image.
  • The Milk Fountain image
  • The Momo image.
  • image.
  • The Special Fried Rice image.
  • A GIF of the Meatspin image.
  • The Octopus Girl image.
  • A GIF of 3 Guys 1 Hammer video.
  • A GIF of a black man kicking a cat.
  • All photos.
  • Creepypastas.
  • A GIF of Mr. Creosote vomiting from the movie Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.
  • A dog getting hit by a shovel 5 times.
  • A fish shoved up someone's rear.
  • A montage of a man cutting his penis.
  • A woman impaled on a spear from the movie Cannibal Holocaust.
  • A man with a flashlight stuck up his rear.
  • An image of various fingers with cuts near other cuts.
  • A GIF of a man shooting himself from the movie Boogie Nights.
  • A penis on a plate of vegetables getting mixed in with noodles.
  • An image of sonic plush having poop all over it.
  • An image of a dog vomiting.
  • A female furry fox disemboweling herself.
  • A woman showing her anus.
  • The image.
  • Images from
  • A man with his head smashed in.
  • An ugly woman.
  • An ugly fish.
  • A molten skull with a video cassette in it.
  • An image of the degloved face of a woman.
  • Various Harlequin fetuses.
  • Various gay pornographic pictures.
  • More scat photos and gifs.
  • Nikki Catsouras' corpse.
  • A woman with a 7 Up bottle shoved up her rear.
  • A GIF of Jesus Christ stroking a penis.
  • A montage of screenshots from 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick.
  • A GIF of a cat getting blendered.
  • A photo of a burned baby.
  • A dirty grease trap.
  • An image of a decapitated wolf's head on a toilet.
  • A cat on a slide that falls to a hole of fire.
  • An image of a seal with its eyes bulging out of its sockets.
  • Rule 34 of Pokémon.
  • Rule 34 of Mario.
  • A knife in a man's penis.
  • Soup with cockroaches in it.
  • An image of a man spraying orange diarrhea out of his anus from the top of a wall.
  • Two girls licking a man's anus, which is covered in feces.
  • An image of a woman holding a dog with its insides exposed.
  • An image of a fat woman cosplaying as Wonder Woman.
  • An image of a prolapsed vagina.
  • A GIF of a head shoved in vagina.
  • A GIF of a blood-covered dog (one of the scenes from a Running the Gauntlet video)
  • An image of a man with rectal prolapse.
  • A GIF of a pig getting decapitated by a chainsaw.
  • An image of girl in a bed with a cross on her bleeding mouth.
  • Images from
  • Images from Rate My Poo.
  • John F. Kennedy's corpse.
  • A severed head in a field.
  • An image of a vampire woman slitting herself with a knife. (an image used on the EvilStick bootleg)
  • A woman crushing a kitten's head with her foot.
  • A man getting ripped.
  • A painting of Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisco Goya.
  • A open wide mouth with teeth.
  • A viral video GIF of a man exploding sperm whale carcasses.
  • A image of Ali Shallal al-Qaisi.
  • A image of a skinned skunk.
  • A GIF of cow slaughter.
  • A image of Bob Crane.

After scrolling down, it shows a cartoon image of a couple looking back at a disturbed man saying "he's offended as fuck". At the end of the page, a certificate is shown, saying "You are now eligible to live and work in the United States of America". In 2009, at the end of the page it showed "AIN'T THAT SOMETHING???!" in rainbow text colors. Earlier in 2010, there was a picture of the Shocked Patrick meme from The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and rainbow text reading "LULZ". In 2011, at the end of the page, a picture of U.S president Barack Obama was shown. In 2018 and 2019, former US president George W. Bush, Israeli general and politician Ariel Sharon and the Offended Song were added.

At the bottom of the page, there's also a link to an external website, which will can lead to a mirror of the Last Measure shock site, which has pornographic content and it will harm your computer. starting in 2011, the page redirects to a Google website.


Before Shocking Content

THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN. Were you offended by what you just saw? Please scroll SLOWLY to the bottom of this page and we will be happy to rectify your situation. =)

After Shocking Content

NOTE: The following images contain shocking content!


File:Offended.ogg The Offended song by Micfri, Here's a safe place for you. Click this link for relaxing music.


NOTE: The following shock site contains extremely graphic images!


NOTE: The following website could potentially harm your computer!

  • Mirror:


Anonymous user #1

11 months ago
Score 2++



How do You Screw THAT Up!? ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU MOVED AN ENTIRE WIKI!! I've Noticed this since MAY & It's been like, 5 MONTHS since AND YOU STILL HAVEN'T CORRECTED IT!?

I just want you to correct this GLARING Mistake... or is it a joke? am I gonna get R/WHOOOOOSHed?? why do this???

Hamsters look quite different from Baby Rabbits, and you know what that a Rabbit is NOT the same as a Hamster...

Why do so many people mistake Spellchecking for a Mechanic from some Japanese RPG that never made it to the US?

How can so many people forget that PROOFREADING AND EDITING ARE A THING???


9 months ago
Score 1++
"Yeah im OFFENDED!!!" - every ED noob

Anonymous user #2

7 months ago
Score 0++

Anonymous user #3

4 months ago
Score 1++
Omg Thnx I won't sleep now

Anonymous user #4

4 months ago
Score 0++
Sorry about that.


3 months ago
Score 2++
Ok so I took the risk and one of the images I wasn't ready for was a picture of a fucking deformed baby resembling a frog. I got traumatized by this particular image back in January of 2019 and I distinctly remembered the creature having some sort of chip in its chest. Sure enough, it was there. I was particularly scared of the Mr. Creosote shit because I saw that scene of him exploding when I was 10 and it fucked me up, thankfully a lot of shit didn't load and I think that is for the better of me.

Anonymous user #10

26 days ago
Score 1++
I'm not going to go there!

Anonymous user #5

2 months ago
Score 0++
“There was like an image of like balls hanging out”

Anonymous user #6

one month ago
Score 1++
Again, Encyclopedia Dramatica can die as a website for all I care.

Anonymous user #7

one month ago
Score 1++
I wasn't traumatized after going to the page


one month ago
Score 2++
You have some serious balls my friend

Anonymous user #8

one month ago
Score 0++

[upon reading the "After Shocking Content" section]

I just got pranked, didn't I?

Anonymous user #9

28 days ago
Score 0++

Anonymous user #10

26 days ago
Score 0++

Anonymous user #10

21 days ago
Score 0++
I'm not going to go there


18 days ago
Score 0++

i can't believe someone lose their innocence just to make this article

good job

Anonymous user #11

17 days ago
Score 0++
i remember some image of what i think is tentacle hentai and that girl was a Thanksgiving turkey or some dumb shit like that and young me was like "What the fuck was that?"


15 days ago
Score 0++
"A penis on a plate of vegetables getting mixed in with noodles" why would you fucking eat a penis with noodles. i seen that image and i almost throw up

Anonymous user #10

12 days ago
Score 0++



Anonymous user #12

11 days ago
Score 0++
optimus prime is not impressed

Anonymous user #12

10 days ago
Score 0++
Red from angry birds is mad!

Anonymous user #10

6 days ago
Score 0++

I made it to the End

There is an image of donald trump

Anonymous user #10

6 days ago
Score 0++
I made it to the End

Anonymous user #13

6 days ago
Score 0++
wake up the wublins wake up the wublins

Anonymous user #14

6 days ago
Score 0++
It's ya boy Soulja boy in Dubai look at that camel behind me though scratching his neck turn up.

Anonymous user #14

6 days ago
Score 0++


one day 13 hours 48 minutes ago
Score 0++
ok i finish going through that and i dont even get offended though, the animals always get's me everytime
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