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Maker: Unknown
Type: Shock site
Creation date: February 2th, 2006 was a shock site collection website First released on January 2006, As the website name suggests, they were supposedly the creators of the popular meatspin site.

The main page of the site displays a white background with some shock sites aligned vertically such as or and many more, clicking them will result in shocking flash animations, videos, GIFs, and regardless of what type, in somewhere in 2007, there is a description that tells the whole purpose of the Meatspin network, which talks about that the website was to organize all of the shocking material available on the internet.[1]

In addition to this description, the website was meant to mislead the following victim, and the goal is to make the website a sharing-shock site platform, in which people can create and host their own shock site, well, most of the sites are likely to be suggested by infrequent users, nothing much to supplement the website, the shock site was added to the network each month, on their "Social" section, they also have social medias such as YouTube("Meatspinvids")[2] and their Twitter and Reddit are named "".[3][4]

Shock sites Owned

  • BurntButts - showing a massive image of a man's anus with cigarettes.
  • BellyBoner - contains a video of a man having sexual relations with a large dildo tied into a bed and then he proceeds to sit so the the dildo is seen pushing his stomach outward.
  • EatingCream - showing a GIF of a woman vomiting into a man's mouth.
  • FingerSlam - a looping flash video of 2 fingers going through into the end of the man's circumcised penis.
  • PressureSpot - a flash animation of a bald man shoving his head into a woman's vagina
  • - shows a Flash video of a woman having sex, first displaying the top of her body. After a few seconds, the camera goes down to reveal that she has a penis, bouncing up and down in a manner similar to Meatspin. This part keeps playing on the loop once the video gets to it. The song Push It by Salt-N-Pepa plays in the background.
  • ThePounder - contains a video of a man repeatedly hitting his penis with a hammer along with a song called Can't Touch This by MC Hammer plays.
  • Youaresogay or known as Meatspin 2, showing a video of a man with his penis swinging back and forth while he is having anal sex with another man, along with a song called Whip it by Devo.
  • EatyourSoup contains a video depicting 2 Japanese girls covered in vomit and having sex with a dildo then one of them vomits onto the other, there is a subpage called take-my-soup, showing a video of a naked woman covered in vomit standing on a table and she vomits onto another woman who is laying on the table.
  • Saladandchips - a looping gif of a naked man who is upside down while a dog licks his anus repeatedly, and repeats, Unlike various shock sites like this, there is no music or audio playing. The caption says "This salad needs no chips!".
  • Mangems - a flash animation depicting two women, kicking a naked man's testicles repeatedly, similar to Nut Abuse.
  • Goatsee/Goatsemarathon - a montage of screenshots depicting Kirk Johnson (also known as the Goatse man) stretching, shoving big dildoes and butt plugs into his anus to stretch it wide open. The images were taken from the contributed work section of, it's specificially a slideshow of images.
  • - a looping flash animation of a man playing with three girls' prolapsed anuses. Farting noises are often heard throughout the video, so either the girls are farting, the sound is from the guy playing with their anuses, or even both, or just the audio that makes it even funnier.
  • - the site shows a looped video clip of an Asian woman defecating into another Asian woman's mouth, hence the site's name. The song playing in the background was "Back in the Mud" by Bubba Sparxxx.


Here's a list of subpages hidden on shock sites.

  • Feels Like Heaven - A gay anal sex GIF possibly focusing on the man on the receiving end's testicles.
  • Bopper - A close up of a guy's bouncing penis while he's having anal sex with another man.
  • Big Bag - Another gay anal sex GIF with "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett playing in the background.
  • Monster Mash - Another gay anal sex GIF with "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett playing in the background.
  • MeatBall - A black man smacking his penis against a white man's face.
  • Pink - Someone licking a person's anus.


  1., the oldest archive, mentioning the description.


NOTE: The following website contains links to various shock sites!




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