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This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.

Moto Moto Meme (Stylized as Moto Moto | meme) is an animation made by David Argueta, also known as Valdroxx, Cristali, Zafiro, or Jade, who is known for being an art tracer and pedophile.[1] The video was focused to the Moto Moto Likes You meme but as in animation meme, but Valdroxx end-up giving the viewers some "bonus" that is contained a screamer at the end.

The video starts with the 2017 Nintendo Switch logo, However, After a few moments, Valdroxx shows some YouTuber who does Livestream. After that, the animation meme starts, which with the Moto Moto Likes you, featuring Valdroxx's characters, Cristali (Pink haired) and Zafiro (Blue haired). After the animation ends, it shows up a text screen in the black background stating "I'm bored, sorry, Idk What to do". While "but take this because I love you a lot... pls be careful" is the text before the screamer starts.

The screamer also contains the red-flashing lights of seems to be different images of Regan MacNeilPazuzuAhenobarbus Henocied's profile picture, with the same scream sound effect from Jingle Bells Reversed. The screamer also ends and it will show up the text screen "Sorry2x", then Nelson Muntz's laugh sound from The Simpsons can be heard after the end of the text screen.


NOTE: The following video contain screamers with flashing lights!

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