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Maze Game 5 is a screamer game that shares some similarities to its original game: The Maze.

Like in any other maze games, it has similar gameplay to its original, in which the player must maneuver the goal without touching the walls, the game is more less difficult with regards to its smaller hitboxes, At the start, there is no option what to pick but a play button to start the main gameplay,

The game consist of 4 levels with its final one surprises with a screamer: a flashing, negative picture of a face from What's Wrong appears along with a short, looped scream, the game stays on that part endlessly until the player closes the game, Additionally, Trying to cheat to reach the goal does not lead to a screamer or touching the black area will not bring the player back to the title screen.


Showcase video

File:Maze Game 5 Showcase.mp4


NOTE: The following game contains a screamer with flashing lights.



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