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{{Flashing lights}}
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<table border=2>
|Name = Maze Game 5
<tr><td bgcolor=red><font size="+1" color=gold><center>'''Embrace'''</center>
|Picture = Maze Game 5.png
<tr><td bgcolor=red><center><font size="+2" color=gold>*** '''MAO ZEDONG THOUGHT''' ***</font>
|Maker = playscarymaze.net
<tr><td bgcolor=red><center><font size="+1" color=gold>'''and shoot all landlords!'''
|Type = HTML5 Games
|Release date = 2005
|Quote = Main title.
The game shares the same gameplay as the original, the player was given an objective to maneuver around a certain path without touching the walls, the maze is colored-grey, the walls are notably thinner than would otherwise be expected, there are 4 levels in total, nearly at level 4, will resulting to a flashing picture of [[What's Wrong]] along with a short scream, which often plays, Additionally, there is in fact no maze at all in level 4. Touching the black area will not bring you to the title screen. 
== '''Gallery''' ==
<gallery position="center" widths="200" captiontextcolor="#ffffff" captionalign="center" spacing="small">
=== '''Showcase video''' ===
[[File:Maze Game 5 Showcase.mp4|none|thumb|255x255px|Censored screamer]]
== Link ==
<font color="yellow">'''<u>NOTE</u>''': The following game contains a [[screamer]] with flashing lights.</font>
* '''playscarymazegame.net/play-scary-maze-game-5/'''[[Category:Games]]
[[Category:Other makers]]
[[Category:Maze Games]]
[[Category:What's Wrong face]]

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and shoot all landlords!