Man Has Terrible Jump Off Ledge

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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Man Has Terrible Jump off Ledge is the 13th level featured in

One should be against such a stupid idea, but he learned his lesson too hard anyway... R.I.P...

The video shows a man in a bathing suit jumping off a crate before hitting his head on a brown box and splashing into the ocean. He then floats in the water as the water starts to fill up with blood. Another person, possibly a woman due to the looks of the hair, swims toward his body, and his friends scream in horror. The rest of the video shows him laying in a hospital bed with his face clearly torn in half while surgeons operate on him. It's hard to see all the details in the video, due to it being blurry.

It has been stated that the man died 2 days later after the incident. The video was filmed in Lebanon in 2009. An analysis by journalist Robert Lindsay posted that same year goes into detail about the video.[1]


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NOTE: The following video contains extremely graphic content!



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