Goodbye to the Dolphin's Dream

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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.

The picture of Iruka (イルカ).

Goodbye to the Dolphin's Dream or Goodbye to Iruka’s Dream (イルカの夢でさようなら, Iruka no Yume de Sayounara) is a Japanese screamer website, considered to be one of the words you shouldn't search on Google. The author of this site is actually the Vocaloid music producer “ATOLS”: he made this site when he was a teenager and was studying HTML.

When the page is opened, a girl with pink hair (named Iruka) says in a lovely voice "Please go ahead after killing me!". If you start clicking on her illustration, she violently disintegrates, and strangely she will regenerate too. The strangest thing that you can notice after killing the girl is that the blood pool has a shape of a dolphin, probably referencing the site's title.

The website was taken down due to the end of Yahoo Japan's service on March 31, 2020.

Site's content

The main menu page.

A sliding vertical selection of black squares will be displayed on the main page. The result of clicking one of them will be these:

(Please note the order of the first 4 links swap throughout the years)

First square

A hand is displayed.

Second square

It used to be a page of a Japanese word that possibly means: Manga

There is a comic (マンガ) of a girl and a stuffed rabbit. The girl eventually beheads the rabbit. The rabbit farts (オナラ) and then the girl screams that he is not her friend, and beheads him. If the user keeps clicking, some abstract art drawn in black ink shows up.

Third square

Iruka's dead body moving in a fast way.

Fourth square

A rapidly flashing square with loud music.

Fifth square

Now, more things to click on. This page seems to mostly contain links to listen to the site owner’s experimental (or deliberately bad) music. Every link contains different audio.

Here's the description of each link's audio:

  • <Behind (<背後, <Haigo): A robotic voice saying "3...2...1..." and then some strange noises will be heard.
  • まんこからウンコ (Manko kara Unko): A "chipmunk" voice saying some inaudible words, after some seconds, it will turn into extremely loud audio.
  • I am 17 years old (私は、17歳, Watashi wa, 17-sai): Again, a chipmunk voice inaudibly singing with a cute robotic beat.
  • DieDieDie (死ね死ね死ね, ShineShineShine): An extremely loud offtime chiptune song with a chipmunk voice singing inaudibly.
  • .......: A really, really loud fast speedcore song.
  • Medicine (お薬, Okusuri): A slow-tempo song with a voice promoting a medicine, probably the most normal audio in the site.
  • : A cheerful song, along with a strange male voice singing.
  • I still love you, I've been thinking about it everyday. (今でも君のことが好きなんだよ毎日思ってるよ。, Imademo kimi no koto ga suki nanda yo mainichi omotteru yo.): It starts with a cute voice singing "I always loved you for a long time" (君のことずっと前から好きだったの), but then it gets distorted and faster after repeating "I always always always always loved you" (ずっとずっとずっとずっと愛した) and a voice whispering "I loved you..." (愛してたのに) can be heard. After this, it will just be a ear-rape music repeating "I loved you! I always loved you" (愛してたんだよ!ずっとずっと愛してたのに) until the end.
    • The use of noni (のに) carries the implication of unexpectedness or dissatisfaction and is often used for complaint. So the literal translation of this song could be "I always loved you..." or "Even if I always loved you...", as both can represent a complaint or dissatisfaction.
  • : A male voice singing.
  • <Goodbye (<さようなら, <Sayounara): A chiptune cheerful song. Another normal audio.
  • >*: Some random noises.
  • >Mouth (>口, >Kuchi): A male voice saying "My name is ATOLS" and then starts beatboxing.
  • <Shi (<し, <Shi): You will be redirected to a page repeating "death" (死) in Japanese, just like in the seventh square.

Sixth square

More squares here. You will only be redirected to four pages after clicking on the squares: one that displays a fast array of some random images, a bandage that says Japanese text, the page repeating "death" in Japanese, and one that will redirect you to the fourth square page, so be careful.

Seventh square

A picture of a flower will appear. If you click on it, you will be redirected to a page repeating "death" (死) in Japanese.

Eighth square

You will be redirected to a page called "". Despite the URL, the site is actually harmless and there are only some beautiful yet shocking illustrations by an artist called Ryuko Azuma.

Ninth square

You will be redirected to ATOLS's website.

Tenth square

Again, you will be redirected to another site called MMLAB.



NOTE: The following website contains lots of screamers!

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