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Glory Hole Foundation was a bait and switch shock site. The site disguises itself as a nonprofit golf and country club community. The site even had a YouTube and Twitter account to further disguise itself [1][2] and possibly some offshoot accounts.

The main page of the site displays a white background containing the logo with trees behind it and a button. When the button/logo is clicked, the site will display a short GIF of 2 men having anal sex, accompanied by an extremely loud looping sound of a man moaning in order to alert people around you. In addition to this website, there is a "malicious" script running after clicking the button; it automatically opens 2 window tabs and bouncing around the screen, showing the same GIF that was shown in the main page. At this point, the user has to use Task Manager to kill the browser.

In addition to the Glory Hole Foundation, the word "Glory Hole" is a sexual slang term in porn videos. The website will not work if the user has the "Disable Javascript" extension and Adblock turned on.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The website has started in early 2015 and was an invention of Prank call nation or simply bait and switch. It was notably used in prank calls; the point of it is to mislead the victim to think GHF is a country club community or nonprofit golf and the like. 4chan even noticed the website, so the website was secondly used as a bait and switch on Twitch Streamers, similar to

The same makers of Glory Hole Foundation also came up with The Horsey Cat and Negro Assassin, 2 of these were defunct.

Desk Corporate IT[edit | edit source]

There is an alternative to this site, to supplement the website of Glory Hole Foundation called Desk Corporate (due to the title of GHF was being mentioned in the source code), and it's quite similar to the bait and switch technique. The site was hosted by the same creator; the site, of course, is primarily targeted at professionals and other people who work in various businesses, so they would think the website is relating to technical stuff.

The main page of the site consists of a logo depicting an infinite symbol, a title, and some text that says: "We're Here to Help". After the button is clicked, the same thing happens, but it displays a GIF of a woman eating her own feces, accompanied with an extremely loud sound of her moan/gag.

The website did receive tons of popularity, only spreads on a subreddit: "r/pcmasterrace", the post is posted 5 years ago, reaching over 500 upvotes.[3]

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NOTE: The following website contains pornography, and it may also harm your computer!

  • Alternate site:

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"Glory Hole" Foundation
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