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Gay Nigger Association of America or often called by their acronym GNAA was a trolling group they have trolled and hacked popular websites and internet users as well as leaking unreleased operating systems. Notable trolls, such as weev, Meepsheep, jesuitx, BLACK_MAN and others were among the members on the group.

History of Trolling[edit | edit source]

Flooding weblogs with a large number of words and sentences is one method, known as "crapflooding." They have also created shock sites that contain malwares during 2004, All of which are not known, but the most notable one, called "Last Measure", spams gruesome and pornographic images, with the background of the website displaying Goatse. Multiple variants were also created throughout these years.

They have also used IRC flooding to attack many Internet Relay Chat channels. GNAA used an old but little-known method to force users of the Freenode IRC network to flood IRC channels after visiting malware-infected websites. They have also crapflooded IRC channels by exploiting bugs in Firefox. They have also demonstrated new bugs and problems to the public. These actions have occasionally halted the day-to-day operations of large websites such as Slashdot, even causing some websites (such as 4chan) to go offline for a short period of time. 

Two GNAA members sent secret images of the future operating system Mac OS X v10.4 to the popular Apple Macintosh news website MacRumors in July 2004, which reads:

"With WWDC just days away, the first Tiger information and [pictures] appears to have been leaked. [Sources say] Apple [might give our coders] ... a Mac OS X 10.4 preview copy at WWDC on Monday. The [pictures] were [said to have] come from this [future coder sneak-peek]. "


When people claimed that the images were bogus, the GNAA issued a press release claiming that the screenshots were genuine and that they had "trolled" the Apple websites.

The GNAA announced in June 2005 that they had created a Mac OS X Tiger release for Intel x86 processors, which sparked widespread media coverage. The following day, the suspicious leak was discussed on the G4 show Attack of the Show. The BitTorrent DVD only displayed an image of Goatse when booting up the computer.

The group trolled CNN reporter Paula Zahn on February 3, 2007, into believing that "one in three Americans" believe the September 11, 2001 terror attacks were carried out by Israeli agents. CNN then decided to publish a story that was not entirely accurate, including images from the GNAA-owned website The story included a round-table discussion about people who hate Jews as well as an interview with the father of a Jewish 9/11 victim. According to the GNAA-owned website, "over 4,000" Jews were not working at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

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Anonymous #1

one month ago
Score 1 You
I hate GNAA because it is racist.


24 days ago
Score 1++
it's not lmao.

Tankman fan 44

23 days ago
Score 1++
They literally claim, their site doesn't support racism or homophobia.
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