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This article contains content that some may find shocking.‎
Reader discretion is advised.

McNutt on the world.
This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.

Flappy Bird is an innocuous Scratch game created by kingliam3 on January 31, 2014. On November 18, 2021, however, an anonymous user (Armus) on 4chan hacked the game to show Ronnie McNutt's suicide video when the player dies.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game plays just like the original iOS and Android versions of Flappy Bird. However, there are now two game modes; normal and impossible. Impossible mode changes the color palette and makes the game faster. Losing the game, however, shows a looping GIF of Ronnie McNutt killing himself along with the song "Ruler of Everything" by Tally Hall, which begins with the lyrics: "So he shot at the sun with a gun".

4chan's Hack[edit | edit source]

OP's post (with the image censored) and an anonymous user calling OP a legend.

On November 18, an anonymous user on 4chan's /b/ announced that they hacked into a large Scratch account which hosted a popular version of Flappy Bird.[1] This user specifically attempted to try and get this onto the news by emailing this to multiple news stations with the claim that this game always had shocking content in it. OP called this Operation McNutt.

An Email OP sent to Bloomberg.

Armus also added "Armus#1111 if you have any technical issues" to the bottom of the page, possibly to get people's reactions.

Later that night, however, Scratch removed the game due to the gore.

Reposts[edit | edit source]

In November 23, 2021, a user named ArtemisCrystal (also known as Mega Osodashi on this wiki) rescued the hacked game by reuploading it onto Scratch and replaced the Ronnie McNutt GIF with a rickroll GIF so the game would not be removed.

Creator response[edit | edit source]

See the first comment below.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. thebarchive.com/b/thread/866946078 contains shocking content!

Link[edit | edit source]

NOTE: The following game contains shocking content!

  • scratch.mit.edu/projects/17341536/
  • Original game download (no shocking content): https://files.catbox.moe/rp51xd.sb3
  • Permalink: web.archive.org/web/20211118223358/litter.catbox.moe/5k4ix5.sb3
  • Armus and friends hacking and pranking someone with the game (Also contains strong language): video.screamer.wiki/w/r9RM65z8GJgdEKgYVZGMoc
  • Reuploaded by ArtemisCrystal: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/605801506/

Comments[edit | edit source]

Comments[edit | edit source]

Anonymous #1

15 days ago
Score 1 You
ayooo thats me

Anonymous #1

15 days ago
Score 1 You
my friend hacked the account. gave it to me. then another friend pitched an idea so i followed through. brady and seeb (the friends) pithed the email thing for shock value and to see if it could get headlines to "mcnutt on the world" and yes that is my discord that i put there because i wanted to see all these people freak out and laugh at them. Armus#1111


12 days ago
Score 1++

>Hacked a copy of flappy bird from Scratch. >Add le Ronnie McNutt suicide to get into the headlines. >The game banned after that night. >trolling failed.

>cri :(

Mega Osodashi

11 days ago
Score 0++
Hey, I've just rescued your game and I've put it on my Scratch account. And plus, I've replaced that horrible GIF with a Rickroll.


15 days ago
Score 1++
Wow, I thought I would have Exorcist Girl with that super popular scream, but I didn't know they created another version, but with a shock inside someone committing suicide. It is another game registered here on the Wiki to NEVER PLAY, or risk playing at YOUR OWN RISK

Anonymous #1

11 days ago
Score 1 You
i saw the suicide on a news site,not on this game,but it makes me feel so bad knowing children probably saw this, any normal person of any age would be mortified at that scene.

Anonymous #1

11 days ago
Score 0 You
Why would someone added a gif contain a death of a guy having PTSD into a game

Anonymous #1

10 days ago
Score 0 You
I have no idea. Probably used to troll people.
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