Finde drei Fehler

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Not to be confused with Finde den Fehler

Finde drei Fehler (English: Find three Errors) is a German screamer video uploaded to YouTube in late 2011 by user JassyBunny. The video lasts 50 seconds and has over 5,5000 views as of 2019.

The video shows two close-up pictures both showing a pile of Euro banknotes. In the background, easy listening music with sounds of birds chirping can be heard playing. As far as the pictures are concerned, there are no real errors at all - the only real difference is that the image on the right is slightly longer, and seems to be taken from a different angle,

At 40-seconds, an image of Regan MacNeil suddenly appears along with the K-fee scream repeatedly playing on a loop, The video's description also tells the viewer that the errors are hard to find and that they need to get closer to the screen to see them clearly: An obvious bait-and-switch.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

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