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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
Reader discretion is advised.
In lulz we trust
ED's slogan

Encyclopedia Dramatica, often abbreviated ED or æ, is a website consisting of a satirical MediaWiki based wiki and a XenForo based discussion forum. It was created by the website's owner Sherrod DeGrippo on December 10, 2004. The wiki is a parody of Wikipedia, containing much more harassment and offensive/vulgar content; however, much of offensive content is done solely for "the lulz."[1]

The wiki contains five infamous shock pages including Offended, Kittens, and Puppies, Reporting Un-Islamic Content. Many of the articles contain shock images such as Goatse, Blue Waffle, and Lemon Party among many others, as well as numerous other gruesome images. Encyclopedia Dramatica is known for having something vulgar/disturbing on every single page.

Encyclopedia Dramatica has moved domains many times during its life. It was originally established in December 2004 at encyclopediadramatica.com, but said the site was later moved to a safe-for-work website called OhInternet, which also later closed.

After that, the site moved domain extensions plenty of times from .rs to .se to .ch, and many others, usually because of the owners being arrested or banned.

For a while, there were two sites for Encyclopedia Dramatica, which were created by Jacob Stellmach[2](dubbed Ædiot), and were the main domains for a while. However, after Jacob attempted to sell the site off to dark netters, the rest of the ED staff forked the wiki and moved the domain to where it currently officially is, at encyclopediadramatica.online.[3] The .wiki domain, however, was still the more popular domain as Google put that site first and Wikipedia does not list .online. Later on, however, .wiki shut down which signified even more that .online was the true æ.

Leadership History

  • Sherrod DeGrippo (A.K.A Girlvinyl): 2004-2011 - The founder of Encyclopedia Dramatica. Didn't like how the site she wanted to use for live journal drama was becoming what it was. Eventually shut down the site and turned it into OhInternet. Lasted about 2 years before it was shut down in 2013.
  • Ryan Cleary: 2011 - took the site away from Girlvinyl, and helped restore the site in what would be known as "Operation Restoration". He would later get arrested for being a part of the hacker group called LulzSec.
  • Garrett - Was supposed to be the next leader but retired.
  • Brian Zaiger (A.K.A Mantequilla): 2011-2017 - Took over for Ryan after he left. Would spend years running the site, even though he didn't know how to code and was a known drunk. He was also known to take bribes for both unbanning and admin positions. Was later found out that he had been taking donations from people for years to "fund the site", but instead was spending the money on Cocaine and Heroin, even though, around the tail-end of his failure of a career, he was in massive debt from a lawsuit with a famous copyright troll. Tried to make a new ED (encyclopediadramatica.online), and tried to brand it as the real ED, but no one believed him.
  • Seebeen: 2017-2019 - Took over for Zaiger after he turned out to be a massive junkie. Already had a bad reputation beforehand as an Ellen Pao type figure on the Encyclopedia Dramatica Forums (EDF), as in he would enforce arbitrary rules. Assured ED that he was an amazing tech wizard; but, when the site eventually crashed, it turned out he never had a single backup, and so he just disappeared.
  • Conrad Rockenhaus: 2019-2020 - Took over for Seebeen who was formerly known to be completely insane, and was generally hated by the rest of ED. He Was in charge for a while but disappeared for a while. After he got hit by a car, he later came back for a while, but then disappeared again after he went to jail. The site would eventually crash along with the forum.
  • Jacob Stellmach (A.K.A Aediot): 2020 - Restored the site after it crashed. Crashed multiple times after he restored it, and was not able to keep it up for more than a couple of weeks at a time. Got sued and tried to crowdfund lawsuit money. Later tried to sell ED to his dark web friends, and was quickly booked. Was later found out that he's completely insane, talks to an imaginary 6yo girl, can't drive, was grooming 16yo boys to be his husband.
  • Umkemesik: 2020-now - Took away the site from Aediot after the stuff got leaked, and created a new ED, which took him 12 hours compared to the 3-4 months it took Aediot.



NOTE: The following website contains extremely graphic images!

  • encyclopediadramatica.online



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