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|title = Coyote Attack Video
|title = Coyote Attack Video

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Coyote Attack Video is a screamer video uploaded to YouTube on September 16, 2007 by scaryforkids.

It's a low-quality recording of someone in a forest, walking through a dirt path amidst the trees. This person seems to be lost judging by their behavior: at first, they are standing completely still, looking to their right and left, then they take a couple steps forward before completely stopping and freezing in place again. After this, they finally turn around to start walking the opposite way.

But suddenly, a picture of a coyote with its mouth wide open showing its teeth appears with the same scream from the K-fee commercials, before cutting to a text stating "".

The original version of this screamer came before this one, where the words "Coyotee?" appears instead, and the coyote was replaced with the Zombie from K-fee, and an outro that continued to show the footage of the forest and a link "", and the footage fades out after a couple of seconds. In fact, one can actually see the zombie for a single frame before the coyote appears in the second version, before cutting to the same outro. The original version with the zombie can be found alongside.


NOTE: The following videos contain screamer!

  • Original version:
  • 1080p version, Courtsey of Lawiki1534:



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