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This article contains content that some may find shocking.‎
Reader discretion is advised.

Blue Waffle is term for a fake disease, internet hoax, and shock image that was coined in 2008. Because of this meme, many people believed that "blue waffle" was an actual STD like HIV or gonorrhea (which is sometimes referred to as "duh/the clap"). Trolls would tell victims to search for an image of a blue waffle on Google's Image Search, only to be surprised by a close-up shot image of what appears to be a diseased vagina.

Shock sites were made in response to the popularity that blue waffle was getting. Most mirrors consisted of just a picture of what appears to be a diseased vagina, with a small description. Eventually, this was used as a form of bait and switch, baiting people into searching it on Google Images. These mainly came in the form of images, showing a literal blue waffle, followed by the caption Bet you can’t find me on Google Images!. The original picture originated on Documenting Reality.

There is no Blue Waffle disease. All stories about Blue Waffle being an real STD are not true. The pictures show a yeast infection stained with an antibacterial triarylmethane dye known as crystal violet. In Trenton, New Jersey, councilwoman Kathy McBride fell victim to the hoax during a 2013 City Council meeting, when she received a concerned call from a city man asking what Trenton was doing to combat blue waffle disease.[1]

There are many variations of this site, including Red Pancake and Giant Cheese Taco, showing a picture of a diseased anus, possibly infected with anal warts, or HPV, alongside with a picture of a diseased ulcerated vagina covered in yellow pus and blood. All of these sites went down.


  • Popular web sitcom SML made a reference to this shock site in episode 535: Chef Pee Pee Goes to Hollywood.[2]


NOTE: The following websites contain graphic images!

  • Mirror Link:
  • Shockchan version:
  • Red Pancake:
  • Giant Cheese Taco:





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