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America's Funniest Home Videos is a comedy television series based on Fun TV with Kato-chan and Ken-chan a Japanese variety show. The show featured clips of submitted homemade videos from viewers. It was originally hosted by the stand-up comedian Bob Saget from 1989 to 1997, until it was passed on to other people, such as Tom Beregon, John Fugelsang, and others.

In 2005, screamers started to appear on the show in the spotlight when it was hosted by Tom Bergeron. Ever since his departure from AFV in 2015, screamers have stopped appearing on the show (only one appeared during Alfonso Ribero's run).

Tom described screamers as "the invention of a new practical joke. For example, soon after the match was invented, some joker came up with the hot foot. After the invention of the door, someone invented the bucket of water over the door. So, of course, it makes sense that after the invention of e-mail, someone came up with this."

The show featured reactions to numerous screamers, notably including The Maze, K-Fee commercials and What's Wrong?. Notably, Tom reacts to the aforementioned screamer which opens up a montage of reactions.


Beginning a segment featuring reactions to What's Wrong, Tom is sent an email which contains the screamer. He tries to figure out what is wrong with the photo of the dining room. Of course, after about 30 seconds, a photo of an eyeless woman screaming pops up with an echoing Homer Simpson scream. After this, Tom responds to the screamer by saying "Oh, that must be what these people saw." as we cut to a montage of people reacting to the screamer.

Another segment featured reactions to the K-Fee Auto Commercial. One episode opens up with a girl being scared by one of the ads, causing her to fall out of her chair.

Scary Maze Game reactions are also featured on the show, however it was an alternative version of the game which features the screamer from What's Wrong rather than Regan MacNeil (likely due to copyright laws).

In one episode, we see a woman react to Look Into the Spiral from a far camera angle. Once the screamer occurs, she runs away (towards the cameraman) screaming. Another reaction involves a little girl being scared by this screamer.

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