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<u>NOTE</u>: the following video contains a [[screamer]]!
<u>NOTE</u>: The following websites contain a [[screamer]]!

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Akk.li was a webpage registered in 2012, the creator remains Anonymous, the site has a lot of screamers located on this domain, The main page of the site displays a kitten, along with a flashing background and a Russian text above the cat, the majority of the site gains a lot of popularity due to Anne.jpg screamer, after a long closure, The site was closed in 2019.

Screamers Featured

Anne.jpg is an animated .swf file, that contains a flashing picture of Jeff the Killer, causing the person to have an epileptic seizure, accoumpanied by an extremely loud screech, since it's a .swf file, the animation will loop and the audio as well, upon scrolling bottom of the page, There is a viewcount displayed beneath the picture, as well as their facebook account and a message that tells the user that this website doesn't contain any malware.

Fred.jpg, is an animated .swf file, and the name is similar to Anne.jpg, the animated file contains a picture of Bitch Please meme, and some spanish text, which is clearly being typed, stating "erase una vez un man tan feo que", in English, this translates to "Once upon a time a man was so ugly that..", however, as soon as the word "that" pops up, the screen abruptly cuts into an image of horrific Zombie face, along with the same scream from What's Wrong.

Omfg.jpg is an animated .swf file, this time, the file isn't named after a person's name, the GIF itself disguises as a normal picture, that depicts a woman laughing, and a red circle next to her, pointing out where the "ghost" went, this makes the user stare at the red circle, to perceive the ghost, after a few seconds, the woman on the pic comes up on the screen, with no eyes, since it's a gif, regarding that there will be no sound playing.

Maze.swf is a flash game, specifically a mirror of The Maze by Jeremy Winterrowd, the game consist of 4 levels, the objective of the game is to guide a dot through the given path without touching the walls, in the start menu, there is a note that tells the player to not touch the walls, the difficulty across the levels involves the walls getting thinner, in the end, it will show an image of Regan MacNeil, along with the same scream from The Maze.


NOTE: The following websites contain a screamer!

  • akk.li



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It says *kittyparty*


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Anonymous #1

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I Found a way to play the swf files!
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