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A Nice Relaxing Video is a screamer video created and uploaded onto YouTube by a user BritishGuy1955.

The video shares some similarities on stress relief, The video starts with the message vocalized in text-to-speech voice: "Now it's time for relaxation", the video moves on to the sunset, While some relaxing music plays in the background, nothing interrupts the viewer's prime - but suddenly - an edited picture of a BND logo with no eyes zooms in with a loud scream, the end portion of the video presents a picture of Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls laughing.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=7rYHTRaX7jQ



12 months ago
Score 4++
I have made more screamers.

Anonymous #1

8 months ago
Score 1++
I have seen worse


5 months ago
Score 0++
It was my first screamer

Anonymous #2

4 months ago
Score 0++
What's wrong with using a moving image? Its more interesting than a still one.
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