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Reader discretion is advised.

4 Girls 6 Nostrils is an Emetophilia-based shock video, chosen with a name quite similar to 2 Girls 1 Cup, this video was first mentioned and gained its notoriety by a youtube channel called "Lutch Green", which is a video that lists disturbing things that the viewer should not search on google, including the murder video of Dnepropetrovsk maniacs.

The video depicts a 1 bound topless girl sitting on a chair while 3 girls are hocking a large slimy glob of spit mixed with snot into her mouth. The beginning of the video shows a close-up face of the bound girl full of slimy saliva and a large amount of nasal mucus dripping all over her. The three girls then took some of drippings and put it in her mouth and continued to put even more saliva and a lot of nasal mucus on her face and mouth. Later, they let her lie down on the floor and puke all over her.

The video, of course, can be merely found on weird gore sites that features weird fetishes such as shit and vomit, like Heavy R.


NOTE: The following shock sites contain pornographic content!

  • goregrish.com/video/167/4-girls-6-nostrils
  • heavy-r.com/free_porn/4-girls-6-nostrils_2.html
  • hopeporn.com/free_porn/4-girls-6-nostrils.html


Anonymous user #1

7 months ago
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Anonymous user #2

4 months ago
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what the hell is this, why tho

Anonymous user #3

3 months ago
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That's some weird lesbian porn man

Anonymous user #4

one month ago
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working link?

Anonymous user #5

3 days ago
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Are they speaking Spanish?

Anonymous user #5

2 days ago
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now theres a snot fetish?? wtf
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