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A "reaction" video.

3 Orangutans 1 Blender is an unknown shock video with many reactions on YouTube. Little is known about this video, since only reaction videos actually exist of it, all of which contain the same soundtrack and audio of the animals as well as the titular "blender"-like sounds. However, there is no evidence of the video actually existing.

A comment by user Roberto Martinez found in this particular reaction describes the potential contents of the shock video. To summarize:

3 Orangutans 1 Blender is potentially set in a jungle, at a camp, where a large group of men, of apparent Indian/South American descent, walks into a building and takes out a number of abused, caged orangutans. The men wear yellow/greenish camouflage clothing, possibly belonging to an army/terrorist organization of sorts.

Once they take the animals out of the building, they proceed to hurt them with knives and machetes, covering them in substances such as bleach and possibly lemon juice to aggravate their pain. After this, the titular "blender"-like machine appears, described as something very similar to a giant version of an animal waste shredder. 6 orangutans are thrown into this shredder, with further bleach and lemon juice poured onto them as their agony progresses. At one point the men turn off the machine to commit a number of other highly obscene, disturbing acts before they turn it back on. Eventually, a masked, fat man appears with a chainsaw to kill whichever orangutans are still surviving.

The final section of the video consists of the men taking the last three remaining and feeding them to three tigers; after performing the same actions on these 3 orangutans as they did with the previous ones, they take their remains and throw them into the shredder, where the video ends.

The comment also implies the video is part of a larger, 3-hour version, and that the men and orangutans appearing in the video are counted to be 97 and 19, respectively.

All of the videos have the same soundtrack, which appears to be a garage band loop with monkey sounds:

On November 21, 2019, Unus Annus released a video about 2 Girls 1 Cup, which mentioned 3 Orangutans 1 Blender, this brought discussion about the video again.[1][2]


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZMFUfGn5Z0 The Unus Annus video in question.
  2. https://video.watchmask.com/pZMFUfGn5Z0/ Since the channel will be deleted in late 2020, a completely uncensorable, undeletable, blockchain mirror to the video; sorry CrankGameplays and Markiplier.



7 months ago
Score 0++
But why the existence of this article, if there is neither Shock or screamer videos in it? It's just react and it's not even the creators of controversial videos, or trolls


one month ago
Score 1++
Well it's about a potentially real video.


one month ago
Score 0++
Honestly this is shit you'd usually find on the dark web, but honestly based on the audio due to them just slapping a loop and monkey and a blender noise, it's most likely fake if I were to would say so myself.


one month ago
Score 0++
Lol if this was real it would've been as popular as Daisy's Destruction or some dumb shit since its kinda CP with torture


2 days ago
Score 0++
That summarization makes some shock videos look like a kid friendly video. (Yes I know it doesn't exist, but if it does, this is what I would describe it).

Anonymous user #1

18 hours 10 minutes ago
Score 0++
The “soundtrack” with the monkey and blender/animal waste shredder, do not sound like actual orangutans or an actual animal waste shredder, nor do they let alone sound like they’re in pain. This is another part of the fact that this is indeed just a hoax.

Anonymous user #1

18 hours 5 minutes ago
Score 1++

I believe the bad acting of the original reaction of it gives it away. Everyone else is just laughing in all the other ones.

This is what I’m talking about and the (creator) of the whole hoax: youtu.be/yF0hgTByooo
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