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The following article contains content that some may find shocking.
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This page is about a screamer or shock site of which the original copy was deleted.
The contents of the videos is abhorrent. If members of the public came across this material they would be revolted. It is incomprehensible that an individual could imagine such acts let alone carry them out. The depravity is deeply disturbing.
Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Jon Beer describes the video's content.

1 Bitch 9 Pups is a series of zoosadistic shock videos made by an unidentified animal molester and killer from McMinns Lagoon, Australia.

Although the video series was not given a name at first, it was eventually named "1 Bitch 9 Pups" by Dredderf (also known as Coolgnomechannel or Coolgnome).

The suspect behind the footage series is an unidentified 51-year-old Australian man (who went by the user name "Cerberus" on Telegram) who is believed to have tortured, mutilated, raped, and killed between 20 oto 25 dogs within the span of several years.[1] Most dogs he killed were identified as pit bulls, and according to his Telegram chat comment, he loves pit bulls and especially pit bull mixes because they "fucking eat everything".[1] After killing the dogs, he would keep most of their bodies in baskets. Occasionally, he would cook and roast a few of the dead dogs and feed them to his new victims.[2]


The torture and murder of the female dog and her litter of nine pups took place on November 2021. Around the same day, the killer recorded his killings with several video clips and uploaded them to a Telegram group chat of "zoosadists" and zoophiles.[3] The Telegram chat where the killer participates was owned by Solid Cum Enjoyer, who was also a zoosadist and lived at Kaunas, Lithuania.[4][5]

1 Bitch 9 Pups was originally made as a series of 10 short chronological videos recording each animal's deaths. When the videos are combined, they amount to a total of 15 full minutes of animal torture.


Screenshot of the full completed video's preview from GoreDB, before it got taken down.

Nearly four months after the video's release, on March 1, 2022, a user named ᴊᴀψᴅᴏɴ gained access to the Telegram chat and discovered the 1 Bitch 9 Pups video series, transferring all the video files (except for two other pup death videos) to the gore forum website Goreflix. The post gained over 2,000 views.

A few weeks later, a user Dredderf found the videos from the specific Goreflix thread and saved all the video clips, including two missing clips, and merged the videos into one whole compilation. On March 22nd, when Dredderf finished combining all the video clips, he, under the name of Coolgnomechannel, shared the full video on the gore site GoreDB to spread awareness in hopes of getting the killer doxxed or arrested. The video on GoreDB gained more than 6,500 views.[6] The video was later brought to attention in the same month by online communities (mainly KiwiFarms and numerous NSFW communities on Reddit) due to its horrifically disturbing and inhumane content. The reaction by people who witnessed the videos was overwhelming, and the videos caused trauma and outrage among its viewers; not even users who used graphic imagery could handle the videos' content.

A couple of days after the video was published, GoreDB took it down for violating the site's anti-animal cruelty policy. Despite this, eight video files were still available on their original Goreflix thread post, although they required account creation before viewing the post. Around late June, due to Goreflix changing their policy to prohibit any forum topics about bestiality and zoosadism along with other illegal subjects (such as child pornography and abuse), the original 1 Bitch 9 Pups post was removed. However, some short clips had already spread to other websites including Deadhouse.org.

There is also a video on YouTube with a brief sample from the same footage, where it plays the 1.5-second part of the first pup at first, but the video ends with a Rick Roll as soon as the man raises his hammer. This video was posted on May 10, 2022 and recently gained over 1,600 views and onward.


Fortunately, in April 2022, NT Joint Anti-Child Exploitation Team (JACET) received an email from an unknown investigator (referred to as Mushrooms4 on Reddit)[7] about the video and took action to track down the man behind the video. On April 22nd, two days after starting the search, the NT team and Australian Federal Police (AFP) found the man at his McMinns Lagoon property.[8] After the police uncovered a "significant number" of the man's hardcore animal cruelty videos and photos during a raid of his house, the man was arrested and charged with 15 counts of aggravated animal cruelty and two counts of bestiality under the NT Criminal Code.[9] He remained in custody and appeared in Darwin Local Court on April 26th, although nothing major was revealed about the man in his first trial, as the deeper details about his crimes were suppressed by Judge Alan Woodcock due to their incredibly graphic nature.[10] The man's identity was originally expected to be publicly revealed on his next court trial on June 22nd,[11] but it was reported by some that the trial was delayed to July 13th.[12]

On April 24th after his prosecution, the man's house was burned down by vigilantes from other Australian towns who had traveled to his residence in an attempt to kill him for his actions.[7]


The screenshot of the killer's last 1B9P victim in her final moments, right before meeting a grim demise.

The video series involves a naked middle-aged man who takes the adult female boxer/pitbull mix and her nine 2/3-weeks-old pups out to the private parts of the Darwin forest with him, along with some set of tools (namely the kitchen knife, a rusty handsaw, and a driller hammer). In all videos, the man was completely silent and his face is never shown on-screen, obscuring his identity. The footage of the killings had a fairly high resolution when compared to many shock site videos, and some of the video clips had few scenes skipping out, implying that some animals likely were tortured longer than what was recorded.

Throughout the video clips, the man mutilates and murders the helpless animals alive one by one to their slow, painful death in several unimaginably heinous ways, however the mother dog shows no reaction when she watched her pups suffering and dying at the hands of the sadist, and besides being forced to eat some of her pups' remains, she licked their serious wounds and exposed innards even while they were still alive; possibly thought she was trying to help her pups.

There are at least 10 videos of gruesome dog killings:

  • Pup #1 - The man picks up the first pup and placed it on the log, then uses a driller hammer to smash its skull repeatedly until it's badly crushed, with the right side of its face flayed and dangling from its head. (The video clip lasts for 19 seconds.)
  • Pup #2 - The man placed another pup on the same log and chops its body in half with a handsaw. Both halves of the pup's body fell off but the man picked them up and placed them back on the log. The dog was seen licking the crying pup's exposed organs. (The video clip lasts for 22 seconds.)
  • Pup #3 - The man puts the pup on the same log, in the process stomping on the pup hard with his foot several times, and then sits on the pup with his bare buttocks to suffocate it. The scene now cuts to the man rubbing the dead pup with his testicles while masturbating, and once he is finished ejaculating, he shoved the pup's body in the dog's mouth and shuts her muzzle to try forcing her to crunch the pup's body but it did not do much damage. (The video clip lasts for 1 minute and 40 seconds.)
  • Pup #4 - The man inserts the knife in the pup from its anus to its stomach, and while the dog is licking the pup, the man starts stabbing inside the pup several times until its anus became a large hole. The pup finally bleeds out and the man puts it on the log. The dog resumes to lick the dying pup, and the latter fell off the log. (The video clip lasts for approximately 50 seconds.)
  • Pup #5 - The man stabs the pup in its mouth and pushes the knife down deeper to its lower back, crudely skewering it. (The video clip lasts for 45 seconds.)
  • Pup #6 - The man cuts a huge hole with a knife where the pup's genitalia is (from the behind), with blood gushing out. The dog was licking the pup's wound while the man is masturbating. The man starts gauging the pup's anus to make it big enough for him to penetrate it like a fleshlight, while the pup is still alive. After the pup lets out its last breath, the man feeds it to the dog, but she only licked its large gap. (The video clip lasts for 1 minute and 24 seconds.)
  • Pup #7 - The man disembowels the pup with a knife. The pup starts crying loudly in pain even while its entire organs get licked and devoured alive by a forced dog until its incision is hollowed-out. (The video clip lasts for 2 minutes and 32 seconds.)
  • Pup #8 - The man uses his bare hands to break the pup's legs then twisting its body, while the dog was sniffing and licking the pup. Finally, the man grabs the pup by its hind legs and raises it to aggressively whipped it against the log. (The video clip lasts for approximately 40 seconds.)
  • Pup #9 - The man tortures the last pup. He breaks the pup's limbs with bare hands, twisting its body, and guts its stomach open with a knife. The man rubs the squealing pup over the dog's face while the pup's innards are spilling out, forcing her to eat almost all of her pup's innards. The man decapitates the pup with a saw and forced the dog to lick the pup's body and head. The man placed the pup's head on his penis and ejaculates it. (The video clip lasts for 3 minutes and 19 seconds.)
  • Mother - The final victim. In this last video, once the man is finished killing all the pups and penetrating some of their bodies, he used her as a toilet and urinates down her throat. The man (who is now clothed) immobilized the dog with duct tapes around her muzzle, ankles, and wrists, then ties her to the dead tree with a leash, before battering her with a heavy club-like stick. During the beating, the dog moves around violently while trying to get back up. He then takes the driller hammer and lightly beats her with it for torment, then goes back to beating her with a large stick. He took the knife and stabs the dog on the left side where her heart is, causing her to fall to her side and breathe laboriously. While the dog is still breathing, the man removed the duct tapes, then sliced her lower mammary glands off and gutted a huge hole in her stomach. Next, the man stuffed three of the dead pups in the open gap, but it's possible that the rest of the pups were already stuffed inside the dog off-screen. The scene cuts to a close view of the dead pups' heads that are poking out of the dog's gutted stomach, with the camera slowly zooming in. The video ends with the man thrashing the now-deceased dog's head with a driller hammer, fracturing her skull and causing her ears and nose to bleed out, although the camera stops filming while the man is still beating the dog's head; it may be presumed that the dog's skull was, in fact, brutally bashed into a gory mess off-camera. (The video clip lasts for 4 minutes and 7 seconds.)

Other Videos

Apparently, 1 Bitch 9 Pups is not the only video series the killer has produced. Several more animal murder videos were discovered on the killer's Telegram account, although none of them were shared outside of Telegram and were all deleted along with the account. Most videos were basically short footage clips of the man humiliating, torturing and murdering the dogs in many wretched ways and occasionally feeding some body parts of his previous victims to the new victims. The man uploaded likely a total of 17 videos,[13] and some known videos include:

  • Piss Dogs - Footage of the same man urinating on an unknown number of dogs before beating them up,[1] though the dogs' fate and where the footage took place remain disclosed.
  • Luna - Another lost video which contained footage of a gray pit bull who was possibly named Luna due to the video's title. It was 22 seconds long,[2] and starts with the dog already bleeding intensely from its mouth and nose,[3] and the man shows the knife to the dog, before poking his knife in the dog's eye out of sudden.[2] The video was recorded long after the 1 Bitch 9 Pups series.
  • Ballboy Beating - A video that was divided into two parts, where the man savagely beats two male dogs in the testicles before outright killing them.[2]

Furthermore, the man possess a gallery of heavily graphic photos in his devices and uploaded most files to his Telegram account. Most of his photos contain roasted dog genitalia and meat, along with a basket filled with corpses of dogs he killed.[2]


  • Around late 2021, before 1 Bitch 9 Pups was brought to the internet's attention, a shock mixtape creation group of the deep web called Bleaksville found the 1 Bitch 9 Pups videos and used them for their "Not Safe For Life" mixtape. There was also an alternate "Safe For Life" version which removed all the shocking imagery including the 1 Bitch 9 Pups clips.
    • 1 Bitch 9 Pups appear on another shock mixtape called "Scream, Bitch!".
  • The mother dog wears an orange collar with color-changing patterns and a "Great Pets Start With You" logo. "Great Pets Start With You" is a pet council that was only headquartered in Darwin, Australia, the same place where the killing took place. Mushroom4, the same user who emailed the NT team about the 1 Bitch 9 Pups video, noticed the collar and sent photos of the dog to the councils at Darwin to help identify the dog, but they did not remember anything about it.[7]
  • It was heavily implied that the killer's identity is Adam Britton, an Australian zoologist and crocodile specialist. This belief is backed by the fact that both were Australian, both live in Darwin, Northern Territory,[14] both were at the age of 51 (there is a July 16, 2021 news article confirming that Adam was 50 years old at the time) as of 2022, and both have small dot-like moles on the left forearm near their wrist.[15]
    • Adam Britton has not been recently posting anything from his social media accounts (such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) ever since his latest tweet reply on March 28, 2022, and not even recent public news where Adam's involved are published, while the zoosadist's arrest takes place on April 22nd, further implying that the killer and Adam were the same people. However, the killer's identity will not be revealed until July 13th, 2022.


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