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The anime girl.
The scene before the screamer.

【閲覧禁止】絶対に見ないでね!【DON'T WATCH!!】is a screamer video from a YouTuber called A.I.Channel.

The video starts by Kizuna talking about how clicking the video embarrassed her, but then, at 0:38, after she says "You can't look at anyone else besides me", she stare at the viewer and the camera slowly zooms toward her face, but then at 0:45 a white face with black eyes, mouth and blue hair appears with a scream while the subtitles says "boo, tis but a prank m8", after the scream the video returns to Kizuna who says "scare prank was a great success!" and she celebrates. After that the credits appears, after the credits Kizuna appears one last time to say "I told you i would scare you" ending the video.


NOTE: The following video contains a screamer!

  • youtube.com/watch?v=aS7y2MkOk8g