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YLYM Dark Forest (aka you laugh you masturbate) is a zoosadistic uploaded on a Dark Web forum called "Animals Nightmares/Animals Dark Paradise" an onion website is known for having many animal cruelty videos (from abuse to rape) the video was made by an man named Timothy George Amoroso, a sexual saidst who has tortured, raped, murdered and defiled countless animals over the last 30 years[1].


The video was downloaded and viewed over 1000 times before the forums were deleted in 2012 as well as getting lost in the deep depths of the internet but a famous YouTuber called "plagued moth" a guy who is known for making videos about heavy topics, made a video about YLYM Dark Forest which retrieved 226k views, other youtubers started covering this topic which everyone dubbed it as "the worst animal abuse video". The video was later uploaded to bestgore's current site (goredb) which was deleted in less than 24 hours


The video begins with a black dog who appears to have its mouth shut by duct tape, a man nails down to the dog and starts breaking the dogs fingers with what appears to be some pliers and than starts to twist them extremely violenty, after a few minutes the man grabs a stapler and staples the dogs eyes. After a while, then man proceeds to sodomize the dog with his hands as the dog cries and screams, the man repeats the same process but this time with a sex toy and a wooden rod. The dog after a while doesn't seem to be responsive anymore, so the man stapes the dogs skull again to see if it will respond, the man continues to staple the dogs genitals repeatedly. After the man feels satisfaction, he places the wooden rod on the ground and slams the dog in it, fitting the entire stick into the dogs rectum, he then lets gravity slowly skewer the dog alive, the man leaves and returns the next morning to find out that the rod is now sticking out of the dogs mouth, the video ends with the man urinating on the dogs corpse



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