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In this user subpage, it is a list of my favorite screamers, as well as "shock sites", i will explain why is it my favorite so scroll down if you wanna know.

Favorite Screamers[edit | edit source]

  • Cute Kittens LOL - a screamer with cats is my favorite kind of bait and switch, basically, many people loves animals so people think its just some cat and nothing else what to expect, but suddenly, you get a pennywise screaming at your face.
  • When you see it - its another one of those shitbrix pranks, i really love the concept of this, the concept is to make the viewer stare at the ghost or whatever that is something wrong, then, a jumpscare appears at your face, very classic and clever idea of this screamer.
  • Hotel Mario 6 - man, i do love YouTube Poops, the resources used in the game are kinda nice and very fitting to its theme, but the gameplay is boring.
  • Death Calculator - like Countdown or Death clock or whatever, this game just tells you when will you gonna die and what causes of death, my favorite part was as soon as the box generates the causes of death: "HEART ATTACK", a creepy man appears (and gives you an heart attack fr).
  • Hotel room screamer - a video, like in every classic scary pop up videos, love the jumpscare part, where as soon as the video goes dark (it makes it look like the video is going to end), but suddenly, a picture of a face from What's Wrong interrupts.
  • BND of Doom - just like the scary THX logo but older, where the logo gets closer, BND zooms in, only scary because of how crude the quality of the original logo really is.
  • Red Button - before you ask, wo. wo. wo. sky, you can't favorite your screamer, no, the point of the screamer is to not press a button, but if you do, you regret it and triggers an extremely loud audio of a man screaming, EAR DESTROYED.