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What's Wrong face is a photoshopped picture of a woman with open wide mouth, pinky fingers raised, and no eyes, the face itself was originally came from a poster of a classic action movie from 2004 called Maniacts, the movie of Maniacts was Two serial killers meet and fall in love at a corrupt insane asylum. Upon escaping a flurry of murders, the pair begin a delusional new life in the country, the original source of the edited picture is unknown.

History[edit | edit source]

The picture originates from another, classic screamer known as What's Wrong by Jeremy Winterrowd from 2001, the screamer itself asks the player to find something wrong in the picture. However, it is an animation with a screamer embedded, After around 23 seconds, the edited picture of the face appears along with a loud scream, and the screen returns back to the picture, and the animation loops, the screamer was later featured on Americas Funniest Home Videos, Jeremy Winterrowd also created the alternative version of his well-known flash game known as The Maze, in which Regan MacNeil was replaced with the face, and kept with the same scream from his animation.

In May 2nd, 2005, a user The Face was the 1000th member of the MFGG Invision Forums and uses the face as a profile pic to scare users, It was also given the highest post count on the forums, at an administratively altered 1,000,000 total posts, therefore beating SonicProject by 1900%, who had the highest normal post count at around 50,000 total posts. Its avatar and signature were the same image (pictured to the right), but little else was known about it. The Face is clearly regarded as a joke account. Based on a classic forum event, click here to see the article.

In April 12th, 2006, a video: Screamer Video Montage features the picture as a screamer at the end, as the title suggests, the video itself is a montage of people getting pranked by screamers including Zoeken and others like The Maze, However, after the last screamer, at which point the face from What's Wrong appears followed by a picture of a face and the scream from Jingle Bells Reversed, the screamer itself was one of the earliest YouTube screamers.