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Content Warning!
The following work contains content and material that some may find shocking. Reader discretion is advised.

Throttle My Daughter is a pseudo-snuff pornographic video created by Peachy Keen Films and starring Heidi Robbins. The exact release date is unknown, but uploads of the video can be found as far back as 2011. It is infamous for its involvement in the case of Andreas Bauminis.


The video begins with a man in a dark room who is interrupted from his work by a phone call from his daughter, who is asking for money. He rudely refuses and curses her out before hanging up. His daughter then calls him a second time, to which he gives her his location and tells her to meet him there. Upon arriving and specifying that she needs money for cheerleading camp, the daughter (played by actress Heidi Robbins) is berated and objectified by the man. Eventually, the man forces her onto her knees and forces her to perform oral sex on him. She then attempts to escape only to be grabbed by the man and strangled. What follows is nearly 10 minutes of the man sexually assaulting the woman, choking her throughout. The video ends with her lifeless body being placed on a plastic tarp, which is then wrapped up and dragged out of the room by the man.


For complete clarity, it is important to note that all of the violence in the video is completely simulated by professional adults. Pseudo-snuff porn is ubiquitous, especially in the field of asphyxiation fetish porn. Although some have been fooled by the video and believed it was a legitimate snuff film (similar to the case of the “Butchered Girl” video, another pseudo-snuff porn video that fooled many into thinking it was real), it is thankfully completely fake and nothing more than acting.

Andreas Bauminis

In 2013, a 22-year-old Latvian man named Andreas Bauminis was arrested and later sentenced for possessing and producing child pornography. Reports soon came out that police had seized the first-ever example of a genuine child snuff film in Bauminis’s possession. The handling of this supposed snuff film was met with extreme scrutiny, as police did absolutely nothing to attempt to identify the people in the video, and refused to give it to the FBI.[1] Nevertheless, the news was spread worldwide, with the phrase “Andreas Bauminis snuff film” appearing on several “lost media” lists. However, after the police gave a graphic description of the video, people became very skeptical. It was described as an 18-20 minute video beginning with a girl asking her father for money for cheerleading camp, and the father is described as being bald with a goatee. The description goes on to state that the man sexually assaults her while strangling her to death, before ending the film by dragging her body out of the room on a plastic tarp. Sound familiar? Skeptics soon determined that the video that police swore was the first ever genuine "child snuff film" was actually referring to Throttle My Daughter, a poorly made, low-budget porn flick that had been online for years.[2] The most likely explanation is that police knew the video was fake but pushed the story because they knew it would generate attention. After all, the concept of snuff films has been viewed as the boogieman of media for nearly half a century. This would also explain why they didn’t give the video to the FBI, as they knew they would be able to immediately determine its invalidity.


NOTE: The following video contains extremely graphic content!






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